Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Post #1 Feeling all Dancy-Like

 Went for a visit to KAO/Itutu Furniture, I really wanted these new KAO suede fringe boots/pink to finish off a look I worked on tonight!  I had seen them on blogs for a while now, probably over a year or two.  I have a few great pairs of Concrete Flower ones in different colors but, alas, no pink, and I really needed these to complete my look~!
I bought my Pink Fuel - Elly skin after fighting it for a long time.  I read Juicy Bomb a lot and I like Gogo's style, but I was so hooked on Mynerva and Dutch Touch I was really iffy about spending big prices for a skin again.  Well, once I got there and tried on a DEMO I was HOOKED!!  Bought the PURE/ANGEL set.  I am wearing the pure/milk/freckles/no eyelashes skin here.  Isn't it purdy!

I started from scratch with my look.  Building on the new Elly Skin.  The first thing I added to the equation was this great hair from Lelutka - Abbie (in Powder).  Right then and there I knew I needed a delicate innocent outfit to go with my hair and skin.
Look at me traipsing through the land! I put on this lovely Mr. Poet scarf in white I got for free...

I decided to go with a bit of a dancer look.  I put my DeeTaleZ - Sporty Body Suit (open), in white (it's pretty naughty as it's unclipped at the bottom and can show, ummm, a LOT!.  I covered it with another top from DeeTaleZ - Sheer Open Back in Rose.

The tights are SO AWESOME!  You can find them at d. select - they are the nylon tights in green.  I know that d. select and DeeTaleZ (oh and i'm sure that store "gawk")are the same person.  Either way I do like the shading and detail on both store's clothing.
 I just had to add this in here because it's so funny!  It's something I got last year at Olive Juice, called Clem's heart on a string.  I'm grouchy because my I am spending Valentines day this year away from my love.  The grouchy look is from one of those face thingies, not the pose.
So after jetting around the sim taking lots of pictures I felt quite satisfied, tired and calm from the great music (groove salad - soma fm) they were playing on the sim.  Think I got some pretty ones in!

Au Revoir!
Anahata <3

Skin: Pink Fuel - Elly (Milk) *wearing Pure/Freckles/No Eyelashes
Hair: Lelutka - Abbie (Powder)
Top Layer 1: DeeTaleZ - Sporty Body Suit (open in white)
Top Layer 2: DeeTaleZ - Sheer Open Back (rose)
Tights: d.Select - Nylon Tights (green)
Scarf:  Mr. Poet -  (wide scarf 10 colors free gift and lucky boards there)
Boots: KAO - Suede Fringe Boots (pink)