Monday, 30 July 2012

Post #61 Carrot Top

The stores I shop at now are very different than the ones I shopped at a year ago.  And the year before that.
I found this old Emery jacket in my inventory (well this was a full outfit), and I thought omg, I remember when I first started getting into prims, I spent thousands on clothes.  Now I am a mesh junkie and really, prims are not bad.  I mean sometimes they were annoying and stuck into your body in strange places and mesh has it's own issues if it doesn't fit right.
I remember when I picked up the Ganesh dress.  It was in my fave color and I thought it was cool.  It still is. I like Nylon Outfitters, they have funky clothes there.  I see they do have a mesh dress.  I love their jewelery.
COCO was another store that had awesome primmy clothes.  I love these riding boots.  They have another pair of thigh high flat boots I really like.  I was thinking of just deleting all my prim clothes but I don't think I will.  Some I will.  But some outfits are too awesome to discard just because of a new bandwagon.  This is a mesh free zone right here!  LoL.

... prim & proper
<3 Anahata

Hair: Lelutka - Rykiel - Lion
Skin: Glam Affair - Giselle Light
Jacket: Emery - Sheena (black)
Dress: Nylon Outfitters - Ganesh Dress
Turtleneck: - Basic Turtleneck (charcoal)
Leggings: So Many Styles - Shiny Tights (black)
Boots: COCO - Riding Boots

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Post #60 I Lurve this Dress

 Yeah I know it's Saturday now and Fifty Linden Friday is over.  If you missed the Miel offering this week, you really missed a great deal!  There were like six different choices of style, all with five different color options for a total of a zillion color/belt combinations!  I got this dress in "Solid Bright" and it came with these lovely color options via HUD.  Best fifty lindens I almost ever spent.  Miel is brilliant to offer a hud for dress colors.  I picked up the new skin at The Dressing Room, along with a cute little ring for uber cheap.  Really cute outfit I will wear a lot.  The hair is the icing on the cake of course, courtesy of Lelutka, one of my fave hair designers... and the scariest looking models.

...letting the breeze blow up my dress
<3 Anahata

Hair: Lelutka @ Hairfair Garden - Versage (blonde fade)
Skin: Al Vulo @ TDR - Candy (summer sunset - cream)
Dress: Miel - Regatta Dress (solid brights)
Shoes: Anexx - Strap Wedge Bootee (camel)
Ring: TDR - Special Heart Ring (black)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Post #59 Greetings From the Beach

 I think Lamb has the best pink shades for hair.  I indulged in the color pack with all the pastels in it.  These are from the hair fair.  Just love them, beautiful!
 This sweater I picked up from Toki Doki is so gorgeous I kinda want to go back and get more, since it was a summer night sweater I thought I'd wear the bathings suit I got at Collabor88 this month from Boom and go to the beach.
I had a lot of fun posing on all the chairs and hammocks and whatnot.  I got the info from Gogo's blog she advertised the beach there, she has the good connections man!

Inspiration Midsummernight's Dream

...very soothing and relaxing
<3 Anahata

Hair: Lamb @ Hair Fair Flower - Wild at Heart (blush) *mesh
Skin: LAQ - Ebba (fair 04)
Sweater: Toki Doki - Summer Nights Cardigan (blue) *mesh and awesome!
Bikini: Boom @ Collabor88 - Ellio Bikini (taupe)
Shoes: SLink - Aussie Thongs (std white) *mesh and need the feet that go with them
Sunglasses: Glow - Jackie O. (creame)

Post #58 Updating a White Dress...

I think I've mentioned before that I own a lot of Truth hair.  This one is fairly older, and I really wore it a lot with sluttier dresses to 'class them up'.  Like this one I have here circa 2010.  Now to me a 'slutty' dress is basically a short dress that shows cleavage.  I have nothing against slutty dresses, I just need to add a serious element to them.  Can't look too provacative.  I do enough of that in real life, so in my second life I'm right prim and proper.  Now you know why I'm so boring!

So I had an older skin and hair on this outfit, and the dress was not mesh of course.  The shoes are prim Maitreya shoes and I still use them.  I SALVAGED THEM!  

My new version I just made some small adjustments to.  Got rid of the other jewelery for one.  I don't even know where to get those pieces or if they even still exist.  The dress mooooves with me.  And the hair is brand new at the hair fair.
I don't find this dress slutty at all.  The hair is.  Just kidding.  The Glam Affair skin is my equal for Dutch Touch 'agewise'.  I feel both skins make me look like I'm in my early thirties.

So this is my 'updated look'.  New mesh wear, new hair & skin.

...I don't really dress provacatively IRL but secretly wish i could... (must be the catholic schoolgirl upbringing thing)
<3 Ana

Older Outfit Summary
Hair: Truth - Alicia (champagne)
Skin: Dutch Touch - Keira (caramel - fuchsia
Dress: Deetalez - Ruffled White Dress
  ((i dont see it there anymore, but I'm sure there are 1,000 white strapless minidresses out there))
Jewelery: Dahlinks - Summer of Love Crystal Heart Cord Pendant ((lots of girly stuff there))
               Kunstkammer - Silver Rosary Strung Bead Bracelet ((missing store, misspelled 2 many times lol))
               L@rs Stylez - Club Earring ((can't find store))
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Allure (white)

Newer Outfit Summary
Hair: LeLutka @ Hair Fair Garden - Magdelen (glucose 02 streaked) *mesh
Skin: Glam Affair - Giselle (natural 01)
Dress: Cold Logic - Savage (white) *mesh
Jewelery: League - Coin Collector (warm silver)
Shoes: Matireya Gold - Allure (white)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Post #57 Cute L'il Top

Been on a bit of a vacation, back now and time to show off some goodies from the Hair Fair.  Boy, I've been going to these for a while now.  This year's setup was fantastic.  Great theme, less lag, and with the exception of some really bad hair, lots of nice meshy hair for your enjoyment.  Can't wait to blog all the ones I got!
Ohhh lookit me, finally got a shot where I'm looking into the camera and not into the far off distance like some jaded barbie doll.  I love this LAQ skin and have been wearing it a lot, added some freckles and eyeshadow to it this time.  Blows my mind that skin makers still make skins with different makeup, with tattoo layers now available.  But, you know, it's nice to not have to search my inventory for long forgotten lipsticks I bought and lost somewhere amongst my folders.
Been waiting to find the perfect top for these awesome Boom pants.  Got them a while ago, like right when FaMESHed started, but most of the stuff I bought went too low and didn't fit properly with them... well look no further...
This most AWESOME cute l'il top I found at Ronsem totally blew my mind to peices (and I'm tired so that's probably a bit of an exaggeration).  It's so cute!  Love the frilly front, fit and everything.  The mesh fit so well I had no spots show up invisible from the alpha.  That's good top making!

...sooo tired and goofy.
<3 Ana

Hair: Lamb @ Hairfair Flower - Blue Velvet (fair) *mesh
Skin: LAQ - Ebba (fair) 02
Top: Ronsem - Frill Bra (white) *mesh
Pants: Boom @ FaMESHed - Miami Linens (sky) *mesh

Eyeshadow: Boom - Down to Basics Shadow (blue)
Freckles: My Dear - Freckle Tattoo

Friday, 13 July 2012

Post #56 Bleached Beached

A lot of my main pieces are from July's Collabor88, and the theme this month is bleached.  I am really pleased with that as I love the whole worn white shabby chic thing.  This top from Tres Blah is fantastic and has a matching long skirt which is really nice too!  I could have worn them together but that seemed too obvious, so I paired it up with the offering from Kyoot, a sexy minidress (that kind of became the skirt to this  outfit).
I have been waiting to wear the Maitreya hair/hat for a long time but didn't have anything natural enough.  You gotta be flowy and free to wear this hair, I mean there are even wisps of hair flowing on the sides, that's pretty great.   LOVE the new skin from Glam at Collabor88.  I kinda wish I had not blown 1000L on the Giselle skin when I did, I HAD to have it and now I see two different models for 70L at The Dressing Room, GRRRR.  I have no patience.  Oh by the way Glam Affair IS having a 50% sale off right now, might go check out some older skins (and have them show up for sale right after I buy them, of course!)
This is the whole Kyoot dress.  It's one of those system clothing outfits with the mesh middle for between the legs.  I had to do a bit of photoshopping for this picture as the shadows really made it obvious, but if you have your windlight settings set for prims it blends really well.  I'm still looking at a full mesh tight dress, I think I found one at Epoque, if they still have their sale I'm gonna scoop one up.  There is also one at Cold Logic I like too, so I might also invest in a fatpack of those dresses.

...more reason to spend lindens!
<3 Anahata


Hair: Maitreya - Siobhan (natural blonde) *mesh
Skin: Glam Affair @ Collabor88 - Roza (natural 03)
Dress: Kyoot @ Collabor88 - Whitehaven Beach Dress
Top: Tres Blah @ Collabor88 - Tucked Tee (beige)
Shoes: SLink - Ilena Sandals (gold) *mesh (need the woman's natural mesh barefoot first)
Belt & Necklace: League - Tassles Necklace & Crochet Belt Set
Bracelet: League - Wanderer Bracelet

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Post # 55 Red Hot

 Burley released three new female hairs yesterday and three new male hairs.  The female ones were mesh, not sure about the boys.  I picked up two of them.  I like the roots so I got that pack, it's really a sweet deal because it's the same price as a normal hair pack but with blonde, brown, red, you name it colors in it.  Much cheaper than a fatpack but with lots of choice.

The new Cold Logic offering for the One Voice event going on is this awesome black and white shirt.  I have blogged this style now a total of three times lol.  It's great.
 I saw a girl wearing these red jeans in Burley and asked her where she got them, Vive9 she said so I TP'ed down there and picked up a red pair.  I really like them.  I don't really know if the shoes are a good choice but they are black so they will do.
I love that the jeans come with two butt choices.  I don't know which one looks better really.  I do wear the smaller one but I'm used to having a flat ass.

Need to do more squats...
<3 Ana

Hair: Burley - Diana (magnate roots 03)
Skin: Dutch Touch - River V.2 (olive/basic)
Top: Cold Logic - One Voice (black/white)
Jeans: Vive9 - Adina Skinny Moto Jeans (cherry)
Shoes: Lelutka - KIA (night)

Friday, 6 July 2012

Post #54 Back to LAQ

The first skin I ever bought was from LAQ, back in 2009.  I wore that skin for a loooong time and have so many old photos of me in it.  It really became "me", that is till I got a free gift from Dutch Touch and that became the new me and I spent thousands being a Dutch addict.  It took me to 2011 to NOT wear the only two brands I ever bought and branch out.  Now I love so many skins it's insane...and expensive.  Anyways, I went and picked up a new LAQ skin and I love it.  And cheaaaaap!  Wow.  I was impressed.  I wore it with these items I wanted to cover, three of which are from Collabor88 which is changing in a few days so I thought I better throw these in here before they were gone.
 First I want to talk about this jacket I picked up from FaMESHed, by Leverocci.  They had or still do have a sale going on and I got a few shirts from them and was kinda disappointed in the alpha layers that showed air, i guess, under the seams.  This jacket didn't fail to disappoint on the air issue (or maybe I should say yeah it did disappoint) and when I stand certain ways this big glob on the inside shows nothing.  I don't know how to fix alphas so I guess I'm stuck with the blankness of it all.  :*(

The dress and hair I got from Collabor88.  I was expecting a full mesh dress (I really need to learn to demo stuff) and It was just a mesh middle, like the old prim types.  I don't own a lot of strapless plain dresses so it will do for now.  The hair is all right.  I wasn't pleased with any one particular color.  It will do too.  I probably won't wear this outfit too often.
 The jewelery I picked up at Dark Mouse for 10L a piece which is a pretty good deal.  They have a red tent out back and are selling older stuff.  I liked the bracelets a lot.  The necklace sort of felt like it never rezzed all the way, and the hair thing was really pretty.  Still, a great deal for the price.
This is my old 2009 Blondie skin.  It makes me look uber happy and my lips are set on 'bitchy'.  So that's some happy skin.  It's so orangey compared to my newer skins and it looks really good here, but you can really tell it's older.  Probably was ahead of it's time though when it came out.  I paid less for the new skin with like four or five makeups than one of the old skins.  I believe they were 1200 a piece back in the day.

The skirt is from Vive9 (same as the blue dress) and it too has just the mesh middle in it.  I'm two days too late for the July 4th red white and blue thing but I'm not American so I guess it's not important.  Hope everyone in the USA had a good holiday!

..I look like Courtney Stodden

<3 Anahata

Hair: Clawtooth @ Collabor88 - Bardot (bombshell blonde)
Skin 1: Laq - Ebba (fair) ((5 pack, i lurve it!))
Skin 2 Laq - Blondie 03 (peach aka orange)
Dress: Vive9 @ Collabor88 - Linda Bandeau Dress (blue) *mesh involvement
Jacket: Leverocci @ FaMESHed - Sleek Blazer (bubblegum) *mesh
Skirt: Vive9 @ Collabor88 - Sparkling Seqiunce Mini (red) *mesh involvment
Shoes: G.Field - Strapped Shoes Alex (metallic pink gold)
Jewelery: Dark Mouse - Sweet Flower Hair Accessory, Cascade of Beads, Vintage Nouveau Bracelets (10L in the red tent behind the store)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Post #53 Homeless Depression

I got separated from my quaint beach house this week.  I get this message from some lady I don't know apologizing, but the owner of the island I rent off has decided to get the sim deleted and we will all lose our residences.  THIS IS WHY WE DON'T EVER PAY MORE THAN A WEEK AT A TIME IN RENT!  I have learned this lesson now (although I've seen it happen before, I'd been camping out at this spot for more than a year!  It was so unfair!).   So I have decided, in my SL, that my beach house was the unfortunate victim of beach hole sinking.  Luckily with the warning, I was able to retrieve all my items before they poofed.  So I guess what I'm trying to say is this picture conveys the sadness and depression of having to move to a tiny little skybox in the meantime.
 Most of what I'm wearing is Ronsem.  It's all been around for a while and no mesh items. The new and exciting item is the Al Vulo skin gift of the month.  It gives me a 'walk of shame' sort of vibe, lol.  Sort of smeared eyeliner thing happening there.  I thought the messy hair matched that look.  Kinda like you lost your purse and your brush the night before the morning after. 
 These are great nails from Candy Nail.  And although the skirt is prim, I still like it.  It has great detail and looks super cute.
As I prop myself up against the tree in shame I hope I can find another sweet beach place.  Until then I'm sticking to the 50L a week skybox with the changeable window picture mode and bad prim bed and furniture set.  At least it has a personal radio in the suite, and a 10 prim limit so I can have a pose stand at least.

i be sad...
<3 Anahata

Hair: Lelutka - Oscar (powder)
Skin: Al Vulo - Julia (dating in the dark) ((July free gift for members))
Tank top: Ronsem - Flamingo Tank Top (white)
Jacket & Tie: Ronsem - Tailored (texture changeable tie)
Skirt: Ronsem - Mini Skirt (black)
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Moxie (over knees) ((multicolor pack))
Nails: Candy Nail - Punk Skull
**wearing Glamorize Soft Smoke eye makeup in Midnight