Saturday, 31 March 2012

Post #16 Funky Cool Eyeballs

Checked out The Dressing Room Blue today and picked up a few goodies.  Of course I grabbed the new Atomic skin (although I do realize it's just the same skin with different makeup pretty much every cycle, and now that we have tattoo layers I'm wasting my money).  I really have no excuse except to say that there is something enchanting and magical about hoarding skins.  That's my story, I'm sticking to it.

The sweater/dress/pajamas or whatever from House of Fox were really cute, picked those up too.  But for the life of me, I cannot ever get myself to fit into their stuff without doing major modifications (last 3 out of 4 things I bought didn't fit right).  Not sure what their measurements are but if i do it 'ready to wear' and use the alpha, i have about five inches of hip sticking out either end of the bottom of the top, and if I don't wear the alpha my bare butt sticks out, so I have to resize it lotttts.  I hope, reallly hope that H.O.F. starts meshing soon, beacause I do love their designs and quality.  I'm thinking of junking all my prim tops (god i'm gonna miss you emery clothes) and just wear mesh, since i am pretty comfortable with Firebird now (i mean Firestorm, why oh why can i never remember the damn name! 

Saved the best for last.  These GORGEE-OSIS eyes from Glow!  I have a green pair.  I always use the prims although I think there probably isn't a real need for them anymore since your eyes don't turn orange with shadows anymore, but I do like that they stick out enough that my lower eyelid doesn't have a space between it and my eyeball.  So they still serve a purpose, and well, two more prims mean a lot to me since I'm a prim whore.

But back to the eyes.  I am so impressed they are giving us six colors (regular eyes, the 2 sets of prim eyes in different sizes) for only 50L.  I snatched them up right away and though i'd share them.  I did get a duopack a long time ago that gave me my 'perfect green' eye that I am always wearing in my blog pics, I don't really take them off.

I did buy this new !lamb mesh hair today in the brown set, really excited they went mesh, gonna be so awesome to slowly quickly spend more money on hair haha.  Better than shoes really!  The only thing that bugs me a bit about mesh hair is the halo around the hair that reminds me of invisaprims from shoes. 

Here be da eyez....

obsessed with eyeballs


<3 Anahata

Hair: !lamb - Blush *mesh (butterfinger)
Skin: Atomic - Grace Electric (buff) @ The Dressing Room Blue
Eyes: Glow - Scenic Eyes Brown Collection @ The Dressing Room Blue
Top: Color Me H.O.F. - Lazy Day Sweater (ombre) @ The Dressing Room Blue

Friday, 30 March 2012

Post #15 Fun in the Sun

Looking for beaches and bathing suits....
I live in Canada, and it's only March, but feels very much like spring is here.  While it's not exactly bikini weather in my first life, it's definitely time to bring out the beachy bikini look in my second life.  Looking for a spot to drop my basket of goodies (sunscreen, croissants, havarti cheese, cream puffs and meth), I had a hard time finding a good spot to take pictures without getting accosted by raving horny naked men.  After avoiding any place that had 'free sex' or 'nude beach' in the description I finally found a great place with tasteful landscaping and safe spots.

I love this gold Boho bikini by StarFashion.  The pattern is well done and I love that it has fabric attachments on the sides and the jewels right in the middle of the top.  Just makes it more realistic in my eyes - more 3D, which is rare for bikinis as there isn't cuffs and collars on them..I guess I'm a prim whore.  I love anything with the word "boho" in it and this definitely has a really cool free spirited feel to it.  This Bajika hair from Burley went so well with the bikini, the headband added to the exotic look.
Once upon a time all I owned were Dutch Touch skins (before that ((circa 2009))I used to wear Laq skins which I can't even deal with now, they seem so different and cartoony).  Then I discovered Mynerva and Atomic and kind of forgot about my Dutch Touch, all 8 billion lindens worth of them.  Lately I've had a bit of a nostalgia thing for them.  Dutch Touch really "made" Anahata.  The first freebie I got from Iki way back became the skin I didn't take off for months.  I remember going to the store and spending lots of time wearing the demos, carefully deciding which set I wanted to buy.  River was the first set.  I updated to V2 during a sale.  I touch Dutch!

Workin' on my tan

The Dreamer's Islands Public and private beaches

Hair: Burley - Bajika Blonde 01
Skin: Dutch Touch - V2 River (olive/basic cl1)
Bikini: StarFashion - Bikini Boho Gold
Nails: Love Soul - Prim Nails *Colors - Square* (red)
Makeup: [mock].  - Eyeshadow (fall festivale green  - free gift)
                                   Lipcolor (brazen bronze lipstain - free gift)
                                   Blush (winter rainbow collection terra rosa - free gift)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Post #14 Cheap vs. Expensive

 Wanted to get some mesh tube tops for my new Maitreya leggings.  I had two choices.  One for 75L at a sale, and one for 450L at a well known mesh store.
                                  DEMO 1   75L                                                           DEMO 2  450L

DEMO 1: (size large for me) were on sale so don't know what their regular price was, but even at 75L I still didn't buy one. The top didn't fit my shape very well and i felt it was a bit blocky.  

DEMO 2: on the other hand, (size small for me), hugged my curves and had fabulous detail. Loved the seams at the top and bottom of the shirt, loved the shadowing around the parts that looked bunched up.
DEMO 1: because I had to wear the large size my boobs were not big enough to fill the breast trough thing.  So you could see the clear space where the alpha was.  
DEMO 2: the top of the tube covered everything and fit perfectly!

Again, the DEMO 1 top was bulky in the back and seemed to stick into my mesh leggings.  I was not going to put on the xl to accomodate this as i might have looked pregnant by that point with missing breasts and nothing but empty clear space over my cleavage.  DEMO 2 looked fantastic, accentuating my behind and flowing nicely over my hips.  DEMO 2 also had a pattern on it.
So I decided to buy the DEMO 2 set, which also came with a jacket.  I did love the DEMO 1's trendy designs, but I wasn't going to look misshapen and have weird cleavage so I could have a cool picture on the front of my shirt.  Let's break down the prices and really see if buying "cheap" at sales is really worth the loss of quality in the end.

75L for a top that is just not the best fit (650 for a fatpack of 10, so 10L savings on 1)
450L for the tubetop & a jacket - since it's two pieces I would say it would be 225 for each piece (although jackets tend to run a bit more than tops do but meh, I'll half it).

I did buy the fatpack of the jacket/tube top set, it cost me 1,100L for four different colored sets.
That's 275L for a set.
Dividing that in half for the jacket and the tube top is approx 137L

So compare the two fatpack tops at the prices of 65L to 137L.  Is the 72L difference really worth it?

Now I know some people aren't as picky as me, and some people even have bigger boobs with narrower hips that might have fit the less expensive top better, I know that a lot of people don't have 1,100L to shell out for fatpacks.

This is just my opinion.  I believe if you invest in good pieces, and when you do find them get them in fatpacks to save money, you are doing pretty good for yourself.  With this set you can wear the tube top buy itself, the jacket by itself, even mix and match the different colors in the fatpack.  Classic, well fitted and slick.

It's your choice.

<3 Anahata

Hair: Shag - Pussy Galore (undressed)
Skin: Pink Fuel - Elly Angelic (milk/lt brow/freckles)
Demo Top 1: Forever Young @ Jersey Shore - Retro Tube Mesh Tops
Demo Top 2: Cold Logic - Robins

Top & Jacket: Cold Logic - Robins (slate/pink)
Leggings: Maitreya - Couture Leggings (quarry)
Eyeshadow: [mock]. - Shadow Fall Festivals Green 2 (one of the very many generous group gifts given out by the wonderful creator, JOIN THIS GROUP!!!)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Post #13 Real Estate Agent!

 I went to the new Mon Tissu/Celoe location when it opened a few days ago.  What a gorgeous mesh build!  And really, no lag for me.  How do I know this?  Because I could actually run shadows in the sim.  I decided to do some shots here, even though I'm not even wearing any of their clothes!  I have bought some items, my favorite right now are a pair of shoes from Celoe, and I bought them in the wrong when I find something to actually go with them I'll be wearing them you betcha!

Okay so this is my new AO. I was in The Dressing Room and saw this chick yapping on her cell phone.  I asked her where she got it and she gave me the LM.  It's from a place called Gaeline CreationsThe AO comes with a makeshift iPhone (which comes full bright so I'm gonna have to do something about that I noticed when it was night the phone looked kinda radioactive), but it looks SUPER COOLIO!  All these pictures are actually still shots of me just standing around.  Most of them are standing around chatting, typing stuff, and when you walk you hold the phone up to your ear.  Neat huh?

Check it out.  I felt like a high class real estate agent.  Maybe closing some deals on some castle somewhere.  This dress... OMG... Maitreya, at a new buffet of deals shop called My Attic .  The dress was only 95L which is awesome, because I love their dresses.  They make my ass look fantastic!  It's called the Audrey Dress and it's mesh.  Audrey Hepburn I presume.  I am so not an A. Hepburn kinda girl.  I'm more like a modern day Jayne Mansfield (or I feel that way in this getup).  The glasses were Jackie O. glasses.  I dig Jackie's scene.  She was related to the Grey Gardens mom & daughter who were total hot messes!  Loved that documentary!
New Exile hair.  Kinda weird around the shoulder area, goes MIA when I turn certain ways.  But it has really nice texture.  I like it.  I didn't wear any jewelery.  The belt was all this girl needed.

Buy my houses!
<3 Anahata

Skin: Dutch Touch - Jolie (Feeling Blue in caramel)
Hair: Exile - Take It Off (vanilla)
Dress:  Audrey Dress (mesh) - Maitreya @ My Attic
Shades:  Jackie O. Sunglasses (mesh) - Maitreya @ My Attic
Nails: Love Soul - Prim Nails *Colors Square* (pink)
Shoes: Epoque - Revolution Pumps (black)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Post #12 Cold Logic Mesh Goodies~!

Fricking awesome new top at Cold Logic.  I got the notecard today of a new release and I teleported in and the place was packed!  I had just bought these new boots by Ten"10 and I wanted something to go with them!  So I fell just in total love with this cute top and the color matched perfectly.  I even got a compliment from a random stranger telling me they loved the look.  She had on another new release, which I bought too and will get to later.  Anywho, picked up a few things, this is my fave, and it fits perfectly and looks really great.  I'm a size small.  Oh yah, I read on Seraphim that su.vida was closing, I had never heard of it before but everything was 10L so of course... I picked up this dreamcatcher arm tattoo.  They had those template jeans there so I didn't buy any clothes.  Just tats.
 Of course when I enable my maximum graphic options on Starburst or whatever it's called (oh Firestorm I mean)... Shit gets 'real' and I can't move or click stuff without serious lag.  So what I have been doing is setting up my pose, and then clicking on 'enable deathly shadows'.  Of course stuff starts fading in and out and it takes like 20 seconds for the picture to snap, AND I don't seem to have the habit of checking pix I've taken so I end up finishing up my pix, changing into something else, looking at my pictures, realizing my tattoo and undershirt were blurry and the only pix that had them clear my eyes are closed... oy!  Of course it's too late to go back, as I am not standing in the same spot, I forgot what my lighting was at, and I really don't care by this point.
Boots are awesome though!  I asked a girl at Collabor88 where she got them.  I had seen quite a few chicks wearing these boots.  I got the brown ones cuz everyone else had the black or white ones.
YOU NEED this top!!
The place I took pictures at was a really nice little coffee bar.  I was looking for a totally different place and ended up here by accident.  They had great music and lots of couches and chairs to hang out on.  It was empty but I'm sure they probably have some sort of action going on some time during the week.

The Pixel Bean Coffee House

I don't drink coffee!
<3 Anahta

Skin: Mynerva - Little Becky (old gift but they have great skins and great group gifts)
Hair: Shag - Pussy Galore (sunset)
Top:  Cold Logic- Castillo (peach)
Jeans: Tres Blah - JuJu Jeans (ripped)
Boots: Ten'10 - Megas Boots (brown)
Jewelry: The Sea Hole - Golden Lucite Bangles & Corsage Ring (vanilla) *past collabor88 item
             The Fashion Garret Summer 2011 Group Gift - Necklace
Lipstick: Medley - Glossy Lipstick (mauve)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Post #11 Color Manifesto!

I kinda wish I remembered what I did here because I can't duplicate it again.  I mean the whole black background.  You know I could take my pictures and photoshop them and stuff.  But all I know really is the 'filter' effects part and everything is way too extreme, like who wants to see me all penciled up, or I could write stuff in cool fonts! OR, I could use the paintbrush tool and make all kinds of cool backgroundy stuff.  I don't know if that's just overdoing it or tasteful, or maybe I'm just too lazy.  Usually takes me a couple of Ambien to get that creative, and then by the time photoshop loads I'm sleeping on the couch.

This is mad photoshop skills.  There was a floor there.  I carefully magnetic lasso'd my body then didn't know what the heck to do with that, so I undid it, and then took the cloning tool and cloned blue background all around my lower legs and feet.  Then smeared the hell out of it all and voila!  A cheap pose on a blue background that was actually the background, and not something i could have actually made nicer by removing myself from the photo and giving the picture a cool backdrop, like a cool club... filled with cool people... amirite???!!!
Is this world void of color?  Why does everyone fucking look the same?  What kind of places do I hang out at?  Can't I just youtube that Enrique Iglesias song I heard on the radio back in 2010 and can't get out of my head, rather than go to a club hoping to 'maybe' but 'most likely' hear it there?  No one talks to me in clubs.  Probably because I have weird stuff written in my profile and i dress like a demented bird.  I do talk to people in stores and the other day a guy was standing in the water outside my house and started talking to me.  I wish people would wear more color, or I would find a place full of people who wore color and weren't just hanging out shopping.

I'm gonna do some old school photoshop background colorful awesomeness!



Skin: Mamboo Chic - Olivie (honey)
Hair: [kik] - Fine II (tea)
Top: Vive9 - Dakota Tied Up Tee (mustard)
Jacket: R.icielli - Misseiling Jacket (marine)
Jeans: Fab Pony - Chloe Jeans (pale blue)
Shoes: Leverocci - Mov Sock Blu
Jewelery: PD - Rumba Earring (grape)/Kosh - Sade Necklace & Ring
Eyeshadow: Boom - Renegade Princess Shadows (day-glo)

Monday, 12 March 2012

Post #10 Wanna Ride the Scooter!

Checked out the big sale at Medley today and picked up some nice lipsticks and face piercings, as well as a pretty cute "braces for my teeth" sculpt.  I'll wear it sometime when I look like a little brat!  While I was outside checking out the other two stores (Burley had a setup and I love that hair store!), I found this awesome blue scooter.
 So I clicked on it and it wouldn't let me on!  I didn't have permission.  The pie menu said 'ride' and everything but nope, the sucker didn't want me on it.  So instead I had to bloody stand next to it and pretend it was mine.  I should really just go find one somewhere and take it with me where ever I go and pose on it.  Kind of like those gnome around the world commercials by travelocity.  Me on a scooter in Paris, in India, on a snow capped mountain.  UNDERWATER IN A MERMAID SUIT!!!
So this outfit I was wearing I made the other day.  I had a different skin but the eyebrows looked freaky, so I threw on my old standby "Little Becky" by Mynerva.  It was a free gift, and seriously, the boobs are kid boobs, and I don't often run around nude, but it's the most sweetest skin ever!  I feel so innocent in it lol.

Love the boots too.  I went to the store "Crazy" one day and I remember buying some black top from there a couple of years ago.  I loved the stuff in there and picked up like 4 or 5 tops, a couple of pairs of pants, and many pairs of shoes.  They have pretty original and cute shoes and boots.  Looked really great with my Miel jewellery, I love that place too!

Ridin' on mah imaginary scooter...
<3 Anahata

Skin: Mynerva - Little Beckie (birthday gift from long ago)
Hair: Magika - Porcelain
Top: Crazy - Flow Top (beige)
Jeans: Mon Tissu - LouLou (used)
Boots: Crazy - Wedge Moscow Boots
Jewelery: Miel - Friendo Necklace & Bracelet (beaded)/Kosh - Iron Heart Bracelet (leather)
Tattoo: Letis - Peace Blossom
Nails: Love Soul - Prim Nails Colors Square (dark red)
Lipstick: Medley - Glossy Lips (wine) *everything in store is 20L, great sale!

Post #9 Intimates at Home *part one*

One of my prettiest and newest sets of lingerie right now, in my little beach house where I spend all my time chillaxin'.

I live on a beach, a tiny square of land with water all around it, really pretty view of the sunset, and great neighbours who have lovely houses and gardens.  I spend a lot of time alone in my house, basically listening to Groove Salad on Soma FM and making outfits.  It's my fave passtime for relaxing me in real life actually. 
 The colors of my place are filled with washed out shades of white, beige, blue and really feel crisp and clean.  I got this Coastal Loft Skybox (beachhouse for me) at {what next}, they have some really great stuff there.  I am not really into the darker gothicy stuff.  Some places look fantastic with that look, but you have to be very talented to pull it off.  You really have to choose the proper textures.  I'm very partial to the whole sort of 'drawn' look vs. photorealistic textures, and I see a lot of crappy photos of stone and ugly gold trim on a lot of 'castles'.  But that really has nothing to do with this whole subject today does it?  Me going off on bad texture tangents.  Oohhhh... 
 I went back to d.Select to check out if they had more colors of those opaque greenish tights I really like to wear, and have worn in previous posts (I never remember the names of anything I wear).  I found this simple, very cute, sorta see through camisole and panty set.  They were sold seperately.  I kinda of got grouchy paying over 100L for a pair of panties, but I am a sucker for this shade of pink, and they just looked so cool on the display (advertising works!).  Of course that meant that I was allowing myself to run to G.Field and buy a new pair of shoes!
 I was thinking of throwing some props on the ledge or a picture on the wall, but i sort of wanted to keep the picture 'clean'.  One day I'm going to overclutter the hell out of myself, and my surroundings.  I really do admire and appreciate bloggers who can use almost every freaking attachment on their bodies to make outfits.  I have done that and I do have some pretty wild funky outfits premade in my inventory.  I just NEVER know where to go to take pictures with them!  If I use my house as inspiration, you see what I end up with?  Plain two piece lingerie set with no jewelery but beaded bracelets.  I don't wear jewelery in real life and I'm kinda low maintenence.   So I tend to reflect that back into my SL fashion.  I wonder if anyone reads this blog, and if they do actually READ the crap I write lol!  Probably not.  I never really read stuff people write in their blogs either.  Especially useless musings such as this...

Enjoy the silence!
<3 Anahata

Skin: Dutch Touch - Megan (cream w/freckles & moles)
Hair: !lamb - Mono (honeycomb root)
Camisole & Panties:  - Sheer Ruffle Top (rose)/Sheer Ruffle Panties (rose) * sold seperately
Jewelery: League - Pearls & Lace (pastels) bracelet
Shoes: G.Field - Alex Strap Shoes (metallic pink gold)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Post #8 Funny Old Videos

OMG I can't believe I used to be such a blingaholic.  Or dressed the way I did, OR HAD SUCH BIG APE ARMS!!!  Where was my mind?  (Freaky that you still find people who look like this in 2012)

Back in my freebie dungeonistic days.... Thank god I didn't do any more of these...

Back in my dancing for linden camping days my real life brother and I would put together outlandish outfits and do our synchronized dances at Mr. Pickwick for like 2L for every half hour.  LoL @ this, because we were so proud of ourselves we thought we should probably become professional and get paid way more linden than what we were getting.  The leopard outfits were so fabulous and god forbid any random dancing avatar get in our way...!

Then I got creative and started doing my videos in Windows Movie Maker with all the cool 'effects'.  Showcasing my really badly dressed alts... oy!


okay this one is SUPER AWESOME!!! i am actually proud of it and had it up on youtube for a long time..

Post #7 Thunderstorm

I found this great place, and I took these pictures in the fall.  The sim reminded me of some place I had been to in my childhood.  Perhaps in British Columbia, I used to live there when I was a kid.  I started playing around with the light settings and this reminded me of late morning.  A late nice summer morning.
Then it felt like the clouds were coming in and the sunshine was being blocked by big black rainclouds.  Apparently I don't seem to care, I'd rather just pose, cuz you know, you can't really get hit by lightning in Second Life right?

Well somehow I missed the rainstorm as you can see my hair is still quite perfect in this shot, and by the looks of the lighting the storm seemed to have passed (or not happened at all since it was all just playing with sliders .. hehe).  Nonetheless.  I did feel really kind of serene here.  I guess the fact it took me back in time to somewhere nice, and thinking of what it smells like after a thunderstorm, the ozone and the rain in the grass.  It was a nice experience, and that's what it's all about baby.  I wish I could find this place again, you know, for when I need somewhere to go to chill out and pretend.

Sometimes I wish that Milk Motion would bring out all their old Fifty Linden Friday clothing they sold over time.  There were a really awesome pair of shorts like these in red that I missed out on during the summer!

<3 Anahata

Skin: Mamboo Chic - Olivie (honey)
Hair: Magika: Porcelain - Blonde pack
Top: Tulip - Morning Waits (green)
Bottoms: Milk Motion - My Cross Jeans (old FLF item but you can get uncrossed ones there)
Shoes: Fir & MNA - The Twine Shoes (yellow & white)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Post #6 Sunny with Shadows

I decided I wanted to try shadows.  The last time I tried shadows my eyes looked like that of satan,  orange glowing orbs.  I was sad.  But that was a long time ago though and I decided to try it again on my Phoenix, but lo and behold, jaggedy edges got to me.   So I FINALLY broke down and installed Firestorm!  I had read they had a new skin that resembled Viewer 1.  I am kind of a sucky baby and do like Viewer 1 stuff.  I haven't really ever gotten into using keys for shortcuts so I tend to just the arrow keys to move around like a total noob.  I don't like having to search and relearn and have to press more buttons to find things when it's all at my hand right now.  If I just used shortcuts this would have been an easier transition.

Anyways!  I hopped on, adjusted some settings and this is what I got.  I was wearing a nice sunshiney outfit and thought I would whip out some butterflies to make it look like I was quite serene and a little reflective.  Love the shadows by the way!  My face seems a little blurry, even though I baked the hell out of myself several times.
My face did look a bit different than normal.  I usually use a modified preset named "Nams Optimal Skin".  It washes everything out but I don't see the nasty lines where the prims meet the worn peices of clothing.  On this one though I needed to play around with the sky so that I could get some nice shadows going.  It was kind of confusing because they have a totally different setup.

My nose also seemed a little dirty, but maybe it was a rogue shadow.  Overall I really like it and I think I will whip out the ol' Firestorm (I couldn't remember what it was called, Firefox? Phoenixstorm?) to take future pictures when I feel 'outdoorsy'

Sunshine & Butterflies
<3 Anahata

Skin: Mynerva - Sara Pure (group gift out now)
Hair: [e]: Changes (blonde 06)
Top: So Many Styles - Belted Tunic (Sunny)
Jeans: So Many Styles - Skinny Jeans Brown (ripped)
Shoes: Crazy - Boho Sandals
Jewelery: Kosh - Lotus Necklace & Bracelet set/Kosh Inifinity bracelet
Nails: Love Soul - Colors Square (dark brown)

Pictures taken at The Rose Theatre