Friday, 29 June 2012

Post #52 Fit Shorts

 I am so happy Fifty Linden Fridays is back.  I don't know why they went away in the first place, but I'm grateful for the return.  There are so many 'events' now that I can look up almost every day and I don't like any of them.  I don't like to be picky, but it seems like with some events you can have minimal skill and still be in the event.  That's what I always liked about FLF.  They had good stores, with original quality items.
 I got this top and shorts today.  I woke up late and logged on and received a note from Miel about the event.  I got really excited and teleported to Miel and got these shorts!  They come in all kinds of colors and for 50L are a steal.  They are mesh.  So is the Tulip sweater/sweatshirt (haven't figured out yet what it really is)... It fits really great though and I lurve it too.  Just got excited and had to post about it!
Miel Fit Shorts Bright Colors: lemon, lime, pansy, razz, ash, nero(black), cream, tan
Miel Fit Shorts Natural Colors: army, midnight(navy), rust, coco, ash, nero, cream, tan

Hair: Lelutka - Knotted (marilyn)
Skin: Illusory - Love (milk)
Top: Tulip - Omen (gray) *mesh  ((FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY))
Shorts: Miel - Fit Shorts *mesh ((FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY))
Shoes: Slink - Ilena Sandals (gold) ((need the natural mesh bare feet for these shoes))
Sunglasses - Gunther's Fierce Vintage Gold 'Baciaga' Frames ((old free gift from long ago lol))

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Post #51 Real Simple

 I do love these pants.  I've been meaning to blog them for a while but with all the new releases and my other ADHD projects I just never really got around to it.  Maitreya has seven sets of these, but I just bought the super colorful ones.  They come in plain leggings and with these wicked weird built in shoes.  When I wear them I feel like using my freaky poses!
Maitreya is such good quality.  My favorite mesh stores would have to be Maitreya, Celoe, Mon Tissu & Cold Logic.  Cold Logic kinda being more of the standard wear of the bunch.  Kind of stuff you could pick up going into a major department store.  The others are a bit more like smaller cooler stores.  I love the fine detail in them.  Yes the do cost a lot more than most mesh but you get what you pay for.  When I put on my darn cyber pants I want to see seams and wrinkles!
This is the Shine Pack 2.  Colors are Lipstick, Honeysuckle, Cerise and Coral.
This is the Shine Pack 2.  Colors are Quarry, Yellow, Margarita and Sodalite.

The Shine Pack 1 is black, white, tan and grey
Two Suede Packs in earth colors
Two Disco Packs in various colors that look really scratched up.

My legs look like melons...
<3 Anahata

Hair: Lelutka - Aurora Hair (blonde fun) *mesh
Skin: Glam Affair @ Collabor88 - Mia Natural (discoB 04)
Top: Leverocci - Soft Satin Blouse (white)  ((major sale going down there right now))
Pants: Maitreya - Couture Leggings (various colors)
Bracelets - Je Suis - Magnifique Bangles (color changeable, but can buy separates)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Post #50 Zip Down Skirt

Oh wow don't we look professional.  Hair all up, business type bag, sensible shoes.  It's not like me to dress so fancy, I feel like I should be giving some sort of SL presentation.  On what I don't know.  Maybe how to be an armchair detective, or a spider solitaire expert (why am I addicted to this silly game after years of ignoring it on my computer?), or perhaps how to google your weird health symptoms to end up with some horrible disease.  Damn you WebMD!!!
Or maybe how to remember to do up your skirt zipper.  I have to admit the first time I saw this skirt I was like "oh no way I can go there with that".  It stuck in my mind though and I just had to end up buying it.  I was with a friend at the time and she had to get one too.  Of course a coy little thing such as myself had to make it look all fancy so the slutty part was a suprise.  Business in the front, potential hooker in the back.
I do love the clove cigarette in a holder getup from The Sea Hole.  I also love that past Collabor88 things are in her store for you to get, at the same price after the cycle ends.  That was a bad sentence! This was from the Parisian set.  I also love the Ghost hair from !lamb.  I think it was the first hair of their's that i owned.  The shoes are cool too because you buy them kinda blank and can change the color, add texures, get rid of the strappy part and do all kinds of things to it, all for the low price of 95L.  Maybe I'll pass myself off as a professional shoe color artist!

Shoe addicted...
<3 Anahata

Hair: !lamb - Ghost (honeycomb)  ((an oldie but a goodie))
Skin: Dutch Touch - River Caramel (tropical)
Jacket: Zenith - Lux Jacket
Skirt: Deetalez - Torn Open High Rise Leather (brown) ((the sluttiest thing I own for sure! lol))
Stockings: Sheer - Zebra Black (free)
Shoes: Angel Alphaville - 046f neutral 'do it yourself shoes' (they are 95L and are modifiable)
Earrings: Magic Nook - Babydoll Earring (gold) ((you can get the silver ones at TDR for cheaper)
Bangles & Cigarette: The Sea Hole - Parisian Accessory Set (mango)
Bag: House of Fox @ TDRB -Shopper's Tote *mesh (good for poses but will fly all over the place with your hand, no built in hold)

Post #49 I'm Outta Smokes

Going through my old 'premade' outfits again, and sometimes updating older things that just look ridiculously tacky, I came across this one which I figured I could salvage.  I always gave my outfits the weirdest names, this one was called "I'm outta smokes".  What on earth possessed me to name it that?  I guess I must have been outta smokes at the time.  Nonetheless, i still think the style holds up, although I did add some new shorts to it from Jane, and my fave flats by Roly-Poly.  I didn't realize the hair was not for sale till I went around getting links for stores, otherwise I would have thrown on something still available.  
I still really like this backpack from COCO.  It is one of the best fitting prim bags for the back I've ever owned, and it's cheap like borsht.  Kind of gives me a scholarly look.  Would go really well with some nerdlinger glasses.  I went to Peppermint Blue to see if they still had the yellow bikini top I was wearing but they are a cafe now, not a cornucopia of freebie stuff, haha.  I stopped to take some pix though.  Loved the build.
Just walking around the building.  I can see why the Jane shorts are on sale.  They are not standard sizing and I could probably fit a small dog down the front of my pants!

Wonder what's in the backpack...
<3 Anahata

Hair: - Jasmine 2 (delighted blonde) ((they don't have this hair anymore and i'm really suprised at how empty the store is, but they do have some hairs left for 40L, or you could probably find a similar style at Maitreya, I always thought they kinda had the same hair anyway))
Skin: Dutch Touch - River V2 Olive (cobalt)
Top: Crazy - Gham Shirt
Shorts: Jane - The Shorts Bobby (charcoal) ((these are on sale for 75L because they aren't standard sizing)
Shoes: Roly-Poly - Jellybeans (black)
Backpack: COCO - Shoulder Bag (black) ((up in the outlet only 25L))
Jewelery: Kosh - Multiplex (necklace & bracelet)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Post #48 Airy Fairy

Have you ever been to Inspire Space Park?  It's a pretty cool place where they play mellow chill music and have lots of spacey things floating around.  You can do tai chi, or space ballet or meditate.  I find it really relaxing to hang out there.  It's always packed with different kinds of people.  I saw a topless goat girl there today when I took these pictures.  LoL.
Love these mesh harem pants I procured from a store I had never heard of but had seen on a freebie blog.  I love finding little things like this.  They are really nice and I would have bought more styles but it looked like you could only buy the fatpack of them for 1500L.  I know people are always 'ewwing' the long hangy pants but I like some of them.  I like these.
Love the new hair by Lelutka.  I like the way it stays close to my head. So many hairs are so glam and puffy.  I do have a long hair like this  (not mesh) from Boon but it's so outdated.  I used to wear it a lot.  I just can't wear the flowy hairs anymore, not the way they get lost in my chest.  I love this hair so much.

Peace out...
<3 Anahata

Hair: Lelutka - Cheryl (marilyn fade) *mesh
Skin: Mynerva - GG Milena Cream Preview (group gift)
Top: Cold Logic - Larsen (red)
Bottoms: ALB Dream Fashion - Leilah Harem Pants (june group gift)
Shoes: Slink - Margot Ballet Slippers (pink) ((you need the mesh feet for these))
Jewellery: Dirtyland - Be Happy (bracelets, earrings and necklace sold separately)
Satchel: Concrete Flowers - Neck Pouch (purple from fibro awareness fair but they have others in store)

Monday, 25 June 2012

Post #47 Alley Cat

I remember when I used to wear Analog Dog hair back in the day.  I glowed like a lightbulb.  I had not gone to that store in ages, till I saw someone wearing their new brand - '.b', or Point B as I like to call it.  It's got the curls I so loved with AD, but without the full bright, the overly flowy flying hair strands, and they kinda look sometimes (to me) a bit like dreadlocks.  When I go curly I wear my Mynerva skin.  It's so cute.
Really nice "poly" mesh jackets at Ducknipple.  I picked up a fatpack with 6 colors for 249L.  If you buy the jackets individually they are 99L, so, that's kind of obvious what you are gonna do there.  LoL.
These are some older jeans and boots I bought a long time ago.  I think I had to get rid of the invisaprims from the boots.  It's really simple if you can modify the shoe/boot.  If the invisprim is built into the boot and you don't feel like unlinking everything and deleting the prims, you can always isolate the invisiprim and resize it to just a tiny little thing then hide it back in the shoe/boot.  Then you just find an alpha from another shoe/boot that matches the height and zing!  You got yourself shoes or boots that don't look weird in certain textures anymore.  I have saved so many pairs of favorite boots and shoes with this trick.

I really love the Ducknipple sim.  Lots of alleyways, and pretty sceneries to take pix!

Sneakin around....
<3 Anahata

Hair: Point B - Cosine (gold)
Skin: Mynerva - Plain Jane w/Dot to Dot Freckles
Top: Luck Inc - Tank Top - Burnt Umber Sheer
Jacket: Ducknipple Mesh Jacket Poly (brown)
Pants: :SK Designs - Molonuko Jeans
Boots: Sand Shack Surf Co. - Elsa Boots (brown) ((knitted part has 25 scripted color options))
Necklace: Kosh - Betel Nut Necklace

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Post #46 Sunshine Recorder

I was going to blog this outfit with a pair of Aleida pants I bought a long time ago.  I zoomed on over there to see if they still had them and noticed the had a big closing out sale going on, and my old pants where gone.  So I thought what the heck, and bought me a few pairs of mesh dress pants for super cheap!
Hey they matched my hair!  I got pink shoes (also at the close out sale) and teleported to Tram.  I love their build it's absolutely gorgeous and I like to take pictures there.
I do like this tube top/jacket set from Cold Logic, but I don't wear it so often.  I bought the fatpack, but I kinda regret it now, as I think the other fatpack set colors are nicer.  And it's kind of over dressy for me.  I think in the future I can see myself wearing the jacket with different tops and the tubetop by itself or with a different jacket.  Just to mix it up.  The skin I got at Collabor88  is awesome of course, and the pink eyeshadow matched the outfit really well.

Hanging at Tram...
<3 Anahata

Hair: Tram - B429 (dark salmon)
Skin: Glam Affair @ Collabor88 - Mia Natural (disco A 04)
Jacket/Tube Top: Cold Logic - Robins (navy/white) *mesh
Pants: Aleida - Nabilla Slacks (salmon) *mesh  CLOSING SALE SUPER CHEAP  54L
Shoes Aleida - Karen Wedge (baby pink)        CLOSING SALE SUPER CHEAP  45L
Necklace & Ring: Kosh - Sade

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Post # 45 Relaxation

 I still really like this sweater from COCO.  I am a mesh junkie, with no doubt, but some primmy clothes I still like to wear.  This sweater was really crafted well, and is pretty cute in my eyes.
 There are a lot of prims there but they all blend in pretty good.  When I wear this I feel pretty mellow and relaxed.
I like the Lelutka hair, kinda goes with the casual look and so do the fitted jeans and slip ons.

Mellow out!
<3 Anahata

Hair: Lelutka - Toni (Powder)
Skin: Atomic - Grace Skin (buff) ((currently closed for renovations or something))
Sweater: COCO - Frilly Blouse & Sweater (blue)
Jeans: Hucci - Denim Skinny (ice wash) 
Shoes: Fir&MNA - The Twine Shoes (denim)
Necklace: League - Coin Collector Necklace (style2 warm silver)

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Post #44 Swanky Shorts

I felt like making some crazy daring outfit to go with my new mesh shorts.  Because really I couldn't find anything that really went with them.  Being leather, I knew I had to look pretty glam and stuff, which is not a look I really wear.  I don't know if this is glammy or not.  LoL.  But I had fun smooshing clothes old and new together.
 I bought this gold bikini/glove/leggings set at The Sea Hole a while ago when they had a half off sale.  I actually thought it went pretty good with the shorts.  I like the two colors together.  Like earthy with some water thrown in.  The skin was really nice, you can get it at Collabor88 in three different makeups.  Glam Affair = glam look...amirite?
Great rings at The Dressing Room Blue.  Had a lot of fun changing the colors on them.  Good waste of 10  minutes.  The necklace I'm excited about as I lurve Kosh to death.

Oh So Glamoritey...(is that a word)
<3 Anahata

Hair: Truth - Barbara (champagne w/roots) *mesh
Skin: Glam Affair @ Collabor88 - Mia Natural (disco C 04)
Bikini Top, Gloves & Leggings: The Sea Hole - Painted On Metallic
Shorts: Leverocci - SS12 Shorts (midnight) *mesh
Socks: Maitreya - Scrunched Prim Socks Colorset 1 (dark brown)
Shoes: House of Fox - Archboots (navy2tone)
Rings: Glow @ The Dressing Room Blue - Spike Ring (gold) ((color changeable)
Necklace: Kosh @ Zombie Popcorn Market - Ronja Necklace

Friday, 15 June 2012

Post #43 Yoga

 Last week I bought this cute little mesh outfit from Cold Logic.  I've been reading a lot about how some mesh items 'bend' weird, so I took this item out for a test run on my yoga mat.  Except for the little stretch in pattern you see there in the leg, it bent really nice and I could do all my moves without looking super twisted and deformed.  Cold Logic is good quality mesh, this is my conclusion (like I already didn't know!)
I got this "Rehab Retreat" from Cheeky Pea.  I kinda giggle at the name.  I think, when they mean 'rehab' do they mean like drug or alcohol rehab?  Or 'rehab' like you busted your neck doing a bad yoga pose and this is a gentle rehab type set of yoga poses.  I do think too much.  I also think this is one of the most relaxing things I've ever watched my avatar do besides dance in silks on my sofa (yes I watched myself do this and got mesmerized by the flowy skirt and probably my physics).  Anyways, it's pretty cool and a lovely add to any abode, whether you twist your mesh wearing body or not.
I bought the feet from Slink, took me long enough.  I was pretty content to run around in bare feet but then I started seeing peeps wearing these cute sandals and when I went to buy them I realized that you had to have the feet too.  So I splurged and bought them.  I'm pretty happy.  The only two things I didn't really like were that the backs of the ankles were darker than the front of the ankle (the foot fit like a charm though, my goodness, it was awesome).  So I matched the skin in the front, but when i turned around it was a bit darker and you could see the line.  They give you socks to blend with I'll have to figure those out further, because they looked strange on me.  The other thing was my toenails had a rim of red around them.  It made me feel like I had inflamed toes.  Not a big deal as I dont sit and stare at my toes for hours.

Other than that I'm feeling cyber relaxed and callllm.....
<3 Anahata

Cheeky Pea - Rehab Retreat

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Shiki (rye) *mesh
Skin: Glam Affair - Giselle 01 (natural)
Romper: Cold Logic - Briggs (keylime) *mesh
Mesh Feet: Slink - Slink Woman's Natural Barefeet *mesh
Sandals: Slink - Ilena Sandals (gold) **need the feet to wear sandals, yes only these feet work trust me lol.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Post #42 Too Tight Trench

This trenchcoat looks so tight on me.  And it makes my boobs look way bigger than they are.  But I like it.
Once upon a time all I owned were Dutch Touch skins.  Then skins started costing 75L, and I branched out.  I still appreciate my Dutchies though.  I love the way they make me look like I could care less, haha.
These are older Secret Store pants, but I really love the detail of the design, and it adds a touch of something to the outfit.  Something fun I suppose.  I don't know, I'm feeling uninspired today lol.

Allergies mess with your head!
<3 Anahata

Hair: Lelutka - Ruby (powder) ((sunglasses were picked up for free somewhere, don't come with hair))
Skin: Dutch Touch - Jolie 'Dew' (caramel)
Jacket: Cold Logic - Kelly (taupe) *mesh
Pants: The Secret Store - Embroidered Flared Pants (black, but I could have sworn they were brown)
Shoes: Ison - Color Block Prism Pumps (cognac)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Post #41 Maitreya & Truth Release

This week, first mesh Truth hair that looked good on me since mesh hairs have been released by Truth.  Yes that was a redundant sentence.  Speaking of redundant, I was going through my over 100 Truth prim hairs the other day and noticed sooo many of them look alike except for maybe a part was moved an inch over, or the hair flipped a different way.   I hope one day my love for Truth comes back because I just realize I've spent over 25K lindens in that store.  Oy 
Lovin this look sooo much.  Maitreya released some great stuff this last couple of days and I've been seeing the dresses all over the blogs so of course I have to blog about the top and the jeans.  I love Maitreya jeans the best out of any other brand.  They just make my behind look good.  So do their dresses mind you, but yeah, great jeans.  The top color was a tough choice, I loved them all and they make their fatpacks so damn tempting by giving you such a deal.  I finally chose this one to go with the fabulous purse, also a new release.  I had to throw in a close up of these Esnic nails by Candy Nail.  I use them a lot in my blogs posts but can never really get a good shot.  Well today that's going to change.  These nails are great!  Love the design and the rings.
Last week I won The Dressing Room "Style of the Week".  I was pretty stoked because it was the first contest I ever really entered and my outfit was so crazy I give them props for going with it!  I was given all the goodies from the newest edition, except the Glam Affair skin which makes me sad, almost as sad as how fat I seem to appear here.

I have a big purse...
<3 Anahata

Hair: Truth - Tashia w/roots (champagne) *mesh
Skin: Atomic - Grace Irish Green (buff) ((past TDR special))
Top: Maitreya - Cupio Top (fallow) *mesh
Jeans: Maitreya - Flare Jeans #2
Shoes: Lelutka - KIA (raw)
Bag: Maitreya - Mesh Shopper (kumera)
Bracelet: Miel - Cue
Nails: Candy Nail - Esnic Yellow

Monday, 4 June 2012

Post #40 Baby Pink

Lots of sales, hunts & free gifts.  Starting with the new Al Vulo skin this month.  Very lovely.  I have to admit I'm wearing different lips with it, but it is stunning nonetheless.  There are little dots all over the skin which might look like 'demo' writing from far away, but still worth it!  It looks great with this new hair from !lamb.  The top is a free gift from Ingenue for the Mesh Around Hunt.  I was glad to find it as I spent a good hour trying to find a top to go with my bottoms.
These new pants from Glam Affair at FaMESHed are really nice, you get a great deal basically getting three different colors for the price of one (I know because I went to Glam Affair to check the original price).  They look too real.  Makes me think of the old days, way before prim cuffs how pants used to fly in the wind at the bottom and the inside was the color of your skin.  You could always deflect that by wearing uber blingy shoes.  My how things have changed.
Zaara is having their annual 50% off sale.  I know I hit it up last year because I rebought the bracelets again!  Oh well they were a decent price hehe. 

So fuzzy and pink...
<3 Anahata

Hair: !lamb - Ruby (blur root) *mesh
Skin: Al Vulo - Debbie (ohh deer chantilly) ((june group gift! FREE)
Top: Ingenue - Lottie Bustier (cherries jubilee) *mesh ((mesh around hunt gift FREE)
Pants: Glam Affair @ FaMESHed - Lou Pants (pastel pink, cream, white) *mesh
Shoes: Celoe - Zoe Pump (domino)
Bracelet: Zaara - Prata Silver Cuff (onyx) ((50% off))
Nails: Candy Nail - Air (white)
Earrings: League - Antique Lace Earring (pink ribbon)
Lips: Mother Goose @ Bombi (lip type B)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Post #39 An Oldie but a Goodie

Back in the day I really liked the flowy look.  Still do, really, but I can't find as many curly hairs that look good.  I used to own quite a few Analog Dog hairs, but I quit using them when I would walk into a room and notice my head was glowing profusely.  So I boxed those babies up and started wearing straighter styles, maybe with a bit of a wave.  
I was really happy when .B or "PointB", a new line by Analog Dog appeared.  She seemed to have updated her styles without the glow and the hair styles looked a lot more natural.  I replaced my "madison" with this one called "Sine".   It looks a bit dreadlockish to me.  But it's pretty cool.
I also threw on one of my first Dutch Touch skins.  I used to go crazy for that store.  I bought many a fatpack and it was my "look" forever.  I hope Iki keeps making more skins for a long time.  They are still very lovely and a pox on the house of people who use parts of her skin for their frankencreations.
Don't wear tats that often but love these sleeves from Letis.  They do pretty good work there.  It's one of my favorite stores.  So is Kosh, where I got the necklace from.  Earthy and natural.  I'm not too big on pearls and diamonds.  
The top from Oyakin (I own many of these) kind of rounds out the look, the shorts are pretty sweet too and I still wear them (until I can get mesh 3/4 length long cutoffs I suppose).  The leggings underneath I bought at Cupcakes are so nice and really look like wool, I went there tonight to see if they still sold them.  That store has changed.  If it's even the same store lol.  I can't tell anymore when builds change and stock is completely different.  I used to shop there a lot in my early days.  Sometimes I wish stores would still offer up their old items (the non tacky ones like these leggings) on the marketplace.  I won't be deleting them any time soon.  

Feeling Nostalgic 
<3 Anahata

Hair: PointB - Sine (blanched)
Skin: Dutch Touch - Cleo V2 Camo (caramel)
Top: Oyakin - Antique Tunic (brown)
Shorts: Surf Couture - Shack Shorts (gray)
Leggings: Cupcakes - Leggings (gold) (they don't sell these anymore, they were uber cute back in the day!)
Earrings: Concrete Flowers - Cedar Star Earrings (cute inexpensive nature type jewelery here)
Necklace: Kosh - Lotus
Tattoo Sleeve: Leti's Tattoo - H701 (tone 50)

Boots: Ninu - Apache Boots (old boots from the Fashion Garret, now closed, which is so sad)