Friday, 31 August 2012

Post #69 Feel Like a Bee

I was really excited when I went to Chemistry today to get the landmark for this tanktop and found they had hair there!  I do love hair and I was quite impressed with their offering.  This was one out of three releases and I think it was well done.
 There is a sale going on at The Sea Hole, as they have moved.  I love these mesh pants so much they are so cute.  I give props to The Sea Hole for being so original and really cool.  I love that store so much.  I remember when they were so small and they have grown so much.  Definitely one of my fave stores, and 50L for many selected items right now.
 Nice butt!  I feel like a bumblebee in yellow and black!
Got these boots at Deco.  It was for FLF but I believe they are there now at regular price.  I paid 50L for them and never got the first pair and had to buy them again, sent a card to the owner and told them what happened along with proof of purchase.  They never contacted me back so watch out if you accidentally buy two things there or buy again if you don't recieve an item.  You might not get a reply.


Hair: Chemistry - Layla Blondes (platinum) *mesh
Skin: Illusory - Love (milk) ((illusory is closing, love skins are 500L a piece this is old FLF or C88 item)
Tank: Chemistry - Echo Tank Top (lace black) *mesh
Bottoms: The Sea Hole - Toyochi Chinos (pineapple) *mesh ((50L on sale now)
Boots: Deco - Rivet Boots (coal) *mesh
Necklace & Bracelet: Kosh - Hibernation

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Post #68 Cold Logic in Nice Colors

So I picked up these little tied at the side tshirts at the Cold Logic sale.  I have a pink one with a peace sign and a rusty looking plain one.  I like these too.  I like these colors particularly.  Cold Logic has a lot of pink and turqouise and coral.  Not my fave in the world of fashion.  Too joyous for my carmudgeony soul.
I like this Magika hair because it looks like I've developed a very large tumor at the back of my head.  Just kidding!  I actually wore the large size because for some reason I don't have the medium size and the small was giving off all these warning signs and made me look like I had severe alopecia except for some strands in the front.  Maybe it was the sim I was on, maybe I screwed up the hair, nonetheless, it's sexy hair and I like it - even if it's BIG!
This hair is okay too. I don't know why I bought the bi and tri color pack.  I'm not really enjoying the look of dipping my hair in eggs or something, but it's the only shade that would go with the red.  The pink and blue were too soft for the colors and I just dislike black/red/brunette hair these days.
This romper is the best ever!  I have the green striped one and was super excited to see it in red.  It looks so cute and fits so well.  I did go to some danceclub last night in it and some guy sent me a picture of myself missing the actual outfit but showing invisibility where the alpha's were.  Not sure if these glitches that happen where people don't see what you are wearing properly are their issue or mine.  I mean I saw me fine, he didn't see me fine.  Does that mean I have to reboot or rebake or change my outfit because everyone else sees me this way?  I don't know.  All I said was hey, at least my boobs aren't showing!!  He didn't talk to me after that.


Slutty Mc SlutSlut
<3 Ana

Outfit #1
Hair: Magika - Volume *mesh
Skin: The Skinnery - Sophia Woodstock
Top: Cold Logic - Waid (quantum pack) *mesh ((only paid 200L for all four tops!)(ebony taupe red wine)
Trousers: Cold Logic - Eise (ebony) *mesh and where do they come up with these names?

Outfit #2

Hair: Magika - Secretive *mesh
Skin: The Skinnery - Sophia Woodstock
Romper: Cold Logic - Jewel (red) *mesh

Post #67 What Excited Me This Week

K first off i just realized i had the title of this post as what EXITED me this week.  ack!  This is what happens when I blog at 3am.
Half off sale at Cold Logic since last Wednesday.  I went there and didn't even buy anything.  But yesterday I got this note saying some of their best items had been recolored.  Well.  I went there again, and picked up a bunch of stuff!  I will do three posts covering what I bought.  I know the sale ends tomorrow (Wednesday) but still, wow.  Great prices even when they are normal really.
 Love these nails & rings from Candy Nail.  Wore them before.  They come with the bracelets.
Haven't been blogging much, because it's summer and all.  Soon fall will come and life will return to normal.  Still working the Skinnery skin from the whatchamacallit fair... (

Enjoying the non-hibernational season
<3 Anahata

Hair: Magika -After *mesh
Skin: The Skinnery - Sophia Woodstock
Romper - Cold Logic - Shure Ebony *mesh
Nails - Candy Nail - Punk Skull

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Post #66 Pretty Blue Pockets

I was feeling pretty mellow.  I should have actually named this blog 'pretty damn ordinary' because I have no sense of high fashion in second life.  Well, I suppose I could but when i go places I don't feel like I'm doing anything high fashiony, so why bother.  I don't roleplay or talk to people haha.  I just go from sale to sale and check out new or favorite stores in between.  So I dress pretty casual.
I knew Fab Pony was closing and they had a nice pair of jeans they had given out a long time ago, so I went there and picked up a darker pair for 30L.  Everything in the store is 30L.  There is no mesh and it's all kinda outdated, but the jeans were cool.  I kinda don't like prims anymore, but there aren't enough mesh jeans around (that I know of) so I still wear them, but you can so see where the prim and the system pants meet!
Top and boots from Ronsem.  I love that store.  I love that the boots have a leopard pattern as an option haha!  The shirt would be pretty plain but the pockets make it all worth it.  All the shirts in this series are super cute and the mesh fits pretty good.

<3 Ana

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Anais (rye) *mesh
Skin: LAQ - Ebba (fair) 01
Top: Ronsem - Tunic (ivy) *mesh
Jeans: Fab Pony - Chloe Jeans (vintage) 30L @ their closing sale
Shoes: Ronsem - Wedge Sol Bootee (click boot for 5 diff colors)*mesh
Necklace: Kosh - Tree of Life Necklace
Earring: Magic Nook - Babydoll Silver Earring (small)

Friday, 10 August 2012

Post #65 Crazy Eyes (FLF STUFF)

I laughed so hard when I drew this big ass gun.  I don't even remember what it was.  All I knew was I had to find guns to go with this DECO Fifty Linden Friday offering.   There was just no other way to present this.  Really cute dress and awesome boots.  I had an old pair of primmy DECO boots from a past FLF from maybe 2010.  Really nice to get some updated combat type boots. Reaaaal nice... //eyes darting around...
I got the Skinnery skin from the Vintage Fair.  I paid 900L.  That's pretty rare for me but I couldn't resist it. The ironic thing is that the skin is called "Woodstock" probably meaning 'hey this chick is a peace loving hippie activist type who takes part in flash mob love fests'.  So of course I got her in fatigues...
Cute little gold slut set from One Bad Pixel.  It's supposed to be leather but looks like quilted naugahyde.  My dad had a basement bar like that when i was a kid.  It was black with big red buttons.  Classic.  He was an airline chef (okay that's kind of an oxymoron), and he had aquired (meaning stole) all these airplane sized booze bottles.  My brothers and I drank all the vodka and replaced it with water.  Good times!

Crazy eyes!  muahahaha....
<3 Ana

Hair: !lamb - Gemini (mad pack) *mesh NEW RELEASE
Skin: The Skinnery @ The Vintage Fair - Sophia Woodstock (honey) ((in front of a postcard type billboard)
Dress: DECO for FLF - M100 Dress (camo) *mesh
Shorts & Top: One Bad Pixel for FLF - Leather Bustier & Shorts (gold) *mesh
Socks: Kyoot - Lacy White Knee Socks (recolored)
Boots: DECO for FLF - Rivet Boots *mesh
Necklace: Glow Studio for FLF - Glow Necklaces Mix'n'match gold (you get three, they cool)

FREE GUNS FOR EVERYONE! @ Dangerous Geisha

Post #64 Pink Flower

I got this cute hat at TDR blue, but it didn't fit on this hairdo I picked up at the hairfair and wasn't going to do anything with but did. I don't even know if the hairfair is still on!  Anyways, i made the had smaller and smaller till it shrunk right into my head, leaving me with the prettiest pink fleurs evar!
The Teef*y leggings, also at TDR blue are really nice too.  Great detail!  I got the clutch at TDR, which is changing over tomorrow I think, so farewell to that.  it looked kinda goofy on me with the poses.  But it looked good with this outfit.  Found a use for this belt too.
Couldn't find the rings when I was collecting map spots to link for the stores.  I hope they put it up eventually in the store (unless they do have it and I missed it).  I'd like to wear it in more posts.  It's my favorite ring!

The new tanks @ Teef*y are AWESOME.  They do mesh so well.  Seriously.

Finally took some pix at Lula.. home of lamb & tres blah.
.. <3 Ana

Hair: Ink - Natum (hair fair gift)
Skin: Illusory - Love (milk)
Top: Teef*y - Basic Tucked Tank (white) *mesh
Pants: Tee*fy @ TDR Blue - Basics Solids Earth Tones Leggings (Cream)
Shoes: Ison - Color Block Prism Pumps (neutral)
Ring: LaGyo - BonBon Ring (gold) ((color changeable)) old TDR offering, but many nice rings at the store!
Flowers: Milk Motion @ TDR Blue - My Straw Hat (I made the hat part smaller so you couldn't see it)
Earring: Glow Studio - Little Cross Earring
Clutch: Glow Studio @ TDR - Aztec Clutch *mesh
Belt: LaGyo - Rope Belt Summer (plain) *mesh

Friday, 3 August 2012

Post #63 Good Girl/Bad Girl

Yay!  Check out my athletic abilities!  I'm jumping for joynessity.

The week flies by so fast I totally forgot it was Fifty Linden Friday.   Wait, I mean I forgot it was FLF at midnight!   Back in the day I used to wait and wait for an hour getting excited for the clock to strike.  Half the people were never out anyway, but it took up a couple of hours of my time waiting and TP'ing from place to place on the list.  Wow, never realized what a loser I was (and still am apparently) to stay home Friday nights to shop online for an avatar haha!
The winner of FLF this week is definitely Teef*y!  Love these new tanks... I teleported into the store and saw a display for the two on sale and another display for a bunch of other colors.  I thought they would be super short, like a cutoff top.  I saw an invisible person standing there, with nothing but prim shorts and a prim wife beater in white, I was going to send her a message asking where she got the tank from, then I realized, holy crap it's the designer herself, and she's wearing this weeks prize, lol.  She had not set the price yet because I clicked on it.  She also got rid of the tops on display that weren't part of the sale.  I musta given her the weirdlies standing right next to her, waiting.  It was kinda funny.  I did shout "these tanks are radical!" right as she got booted.  She must think I'm mentally ill.  Well I am sorta.  Just wanted to give her a shoutout for making a really nice top!
So of course I had to run to FaMESHed to get the shorts, I had seen them already but couldn't make up my mind on colors.  The purchase of these tanks made it a lot easier for me thank goodness.  I got a darker pair of shorts than I wanted, but I remember that I have light shorts from Collabor88 a few cycles ago that had tights, so yeah, I got the darker ones.
Bitch Please....

I like this whole good girl/bad girl look.  Although my good girl has tats, my bad girl smokes, in front of churches no doubt!  So yes, I can definitely tell which is which.

Happy with my new purchases...
<3 Anahata Angel & Anahata Succubus from Hell

Hair: Burley: Babs - Platinum 01
Skin: Fashionably Dead - Shade is Morning Sun (old FLF skin with MOCK dark mallow lipstick which is free)
Jewellery: Kosh - Infinity Set
Good Girl Top: Teef*y for FLF - Basic Tucked Tank (striped) *mesh
Good Girl Shorts: Teef*y @ FaMESHed - Abbey High Waist (used denim) *mesh
Good Girl Tattoos: Letis (carpe diem H918 on arm/P957 on calf)
Bad Girl Top: Teef*y for FLF- Basic Tucked Tank (glasses) *mesh
Bad Girl Shorts: Teef*y @ FaMESHed - Abbey High Waist (basics peach) *mesh
Bad Girl Tights: Kyoot - Hollander Leggings (basil)
Bad Girl Boots: Crazy - Charro Boots *mesh

Post # 62 Burnt Umber

Burley has some pretty neat hair.  I don't know if it's super popular with everyone, most of the people I see when I go shopping there are probably controlled by younger people.  I mean I see a lot of the "invisible pony rider" types there.  I have nothing against them but some people definitely do.  I think these are older people.  I am sure this is not 100% but a lot of times I can tell the general age of someone in Second Life.  Even the ones that are dressed really, provacatively, shall we say?  This has nothing to do with my post.  It's just me babbling.
 I like the slight 'fetal alcohol syndrome' look of this skin.  I look bitchy and it's rad.  I was gonna take off the sweater for the pictures because I know they don't sell it anymore.  It's a good sweater.  I remember when Sweetest Goodbye was a really big store with expensive stuff.  Now it's another store, Monso I think, and there is a small section of select SG stuff in there.  I went there yesterday to see if this sweater was still there but it's not.  They had a cute mini skirt too to go with it.  I guess mesh killed the prim like video killed the radio star.  Or maybe the SG people just decided they didn't want to have clothes anymore.  Anyways, I bought lots of their stuff when they closed.  I don't do anything on Second Life but take take pix and blog so the clothes are kinda useless to me since they don't exist anymore.
Omg I remember when I saw these shoes at Aoharu back in the day.  The picture they have of them makes them look simply ethereal.  They are pretty nice but don't turn me into an instant gel on the lense angel.  I had to remove the invisaprims from the shoes a while back and find an alpha layer that fit.  Think I'm using my Maitreya one.  I ike the Whippet & Buck skirt, even if it's primmy (is it just me or does the name of this store sound extremely DIRTY)

totally lovin the way everything i'm wearing is 'creaaaaamy'...
<3 Anahata

Hair: Burley: Euphoria - Light BBlinde 03
Skin: Atomic - Grace (buff) ((i don't know what happened to atomic, i'm guessing rebranding))
Tank: Luck Inc - Tanktop (burnt umber sheer)
Sweater: Sweetest Goodbye - Herangsa (cream)  ((not available))
Skirt: Whippet & Buck - Ayla Leather Skirt (creamy)
Shoes Aoharu - Suede Laceup Sandals w/legwarmer (cream) ((invisiprim removed replaced by alpha)
Necklace - Dark Mouse - Sage Advice (doubt they sell this anymore, can't even find the store did they close?)
Bangles & Ring: The Sea Hole - Golden Lucite Bangles and Corsage Ring (vanilla)  (past Collabor88)
Sunglasses: Fishy Strawberry - Vintage Candy Bar Glasses