Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Post #70 Little White Dress

 Back quite a while ago I bought some "My Ugly Dorothy" skins that were on sale for super cheap.  I totally forgot about them until today.  I had put together this outfit and was wearing a Mamboo Chic skin with it and it looked super fine, I had actually gotten compliments, but then realized I couldn't blog it because Mamboo Chic isn't around anymore.  Which kinda sucks because there was some choice skin in that store, and I paid like 300L to join the group and then it closed!  But back to this skin, it was pretty nice, but I thought adding some cosmetics to it would liven it up and I think it turned out pretty durn nice!
 This hair is from Chemistry.  I love it, it's very retro.  The shades are awesome too.  And it's mesh.  Who could ask for more! I do!  And more I found when I went to Tee*fy and found their fifty linden friday dress still out for fifty linden!  This dress is super nice, the great quality I've come to expect from this store.
Now where does a classy broad like me go and take pictures?  I wanted to get some pristine white walls and beautiful windows and where else but one of the best mesh house builders on the grid - Scarlet Creative!  I found this beautiful house (it's still part of the one voice project that donates to Gala Phoenix's defense fund) and posed for a few minutes popping off some amazing pictures!  Check out those houses & skyboxes.  They really are beautiful and fresh!

Hair: Chemistry - Vines (platinum) *mesh
Skin: My Ugly Dorothy - Sophia 07 (burly)
Dress: Tee*fy - Adelaide Romper Dress (beige) *mesh
Shoes: Epoque - Revolution Pumps (black)
Cosmetics: Chelle - Eyeliner Basics/Mole 1  Mother Goose - LipB7 teeth
Jewelry: League - Coin Collector Set (dark metal)

Pictures taken in the Lyla Mesh house by Scarlet Creative

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