Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Post #71 My Humps

Okay, when I added the ponytail to this outfit I totally realized I was channeling Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas circa 2005 in the "My Humps" video.   The weird thing is I didn't subconsciously make this outfit after the video at all, I ripped it off another avatar I saw in Maitreya.  I asked her where she got her pants and shoes and she told me.  She had different hair and sunglasses, but the shoes, pants and top were her idea.
          Skin before tattoo layer                                             Skin after tattoo layer

I went to Mother Goose's store and noticed some new skins were up on the freebie board.  I was able to pick up this version of Linda with the garish pink lipstick and blue tattoo.  Now I paid 1000L for the Giselle skin from Glam Affair and let me tell you, the best thing about the skin is the 'face detail' layer.  It's meant for that skin but works in a pinch over any other skin that isn't too far in shade variance.  It has freckles so it's super cute.  The lips I got at Mother Goose's for like 60L/12 pack and they are nice. I was able to salvage this skin with two tattoo layers.  I know a lot of people probably like the blue thingie over the nose and lip color.  I'm just not that into it.
My thighs are so fat! lol.  I love the new jewelry at faMESHed from Auxiliary.  It's mesh and there are lots of choices.  Looking forward to that store opening.

I was looking for a village setting for my pix and found this seaside town.  It was really nice and I wasn't really sure what it was till I got on some pose stands and started losing limbs.  I then realized I was at an amputee awareness sim.  I was hoping it wasn't something kinky, and it wasn't.  It was actually really interesting and educational.

Check it out!
<3 Ana

Hair: Burley - Nelly (light blonde 03) *mesh ((closed right now for construction!)
Skin: Mother Goose's - Linda(LB) ((free on the letter boards))
Halter Top: Maitreya - Cupio Basics Top (clouds) *mesh
Jeans: Cracked Mirror - Mambo Jeans (blue) *mesh
Shoes: Redgrave - Cathy (12 colors) ((many color combinations with a provided hud))
Jewelry: Auxiliary @ faMESHed - Chunky Bracelets/earrings (Bullseye) *mesh
Cosmetics: Lips - Mother Goose's LipD (6)/Glam Affair Giselle Cosmetics (face details - have to have skin)

Place: A&A Town, Disability and Amputee Awareness

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