Sunday, 30 September 2012

Post #78 Saturday

 I like it when Tee*fy does FLF because they always leave their item out for almost the whole week.  I got this dress today and it looked super nice with the new flowy Lelutka hair.
 I like how the hair goes down past your butt lol.  Got a pink fuel skin at the knitting circle rummage sale for like, 20L, good dealio!
I found these tights at Leezu and liked them, they were kinda strange but had to have em, plus I hit up the Limited Bazaar and thankfully there were some peace sign necklaces left.

I'm all about peace..yo.

Hair: Lelutka - Blake (blondefun)
Skin: Pink Fuel@ The Rummage Sale - Ember Spring Baby (chai) ((20L))
Dress: Tee*fy - Baby Doll Dress (ivory) FLF (still might be 50L)
Tights: Leezu - Sissy Tights (olive)
Boots: G.Field - Will Long Cuff Boots (beige)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer@ Limited Bazaar - Peace Rocker
Ring: Shakeup@ Arcade Gatcha - Vintage Ring (15)
Bracelet: ASO@ Arcade Gatcha - Alphabet Bracelet (silver) ((the letter W for WONDERFUL))

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Post #77 Pigtails at the Arcade

In love with the Love skin from Auxiliary.  In love with these adorable pigtails from Boon.  I went on a 'hair madness shopping spree' yesterday and today and hit up stores I haven't been to in a while.  I love Boon's 'add on' hairs that go with a really well done hairbase layer.  This way I can wear hats, scarves, weird flowers and berets with them and not worry bout my hair poking through.  

I picked up this cute dress and sweater set at Collabor88, from UFO.  I have bought a few things from UFO before and ended up deleting them because they never fit me right at all.  Almost like I have to sport a straight up and down board shape.  Anyway, I was glad that this dress and sweater fit because it was UBER cute!
I checked out the Arcade Gatcha dealio and I'm not obsessive about getting the colors I want.  And I only bought three or four things, one of them was this purse... and dammit if I didn't get the cute color I wanted right off the bat.  I love this pink purse.  The cute ring from Cheeky Pea was awesome too.  Nice inexpensive prices and a little chance equals a lot of fun.  Gatcha fairs are brilliant and I always get so lucky.

I'm sure I'm the last person to get to that darn event haha!

Better late than never!
<3 Ana

Hair: Boon - DQO010 Hair (blonde) w/center part b hair base sold seperately)  *mesh
Skin: Auxiliary@ Collabor88 - Love Skin "Timeless" (medium shade)
Dress: UFO @Collabor88 - You and Me (Sky Blue) *mesh
Sweater: UFO @Collabor88 - Ribonbon Cardigan (purple) *mesh
Shoes: Fashionably Dead - Buckle Heel (yellow)
Purse: UFO @Arcade Gatcha - Shoulder Motor Bag (baby pink)
Glasses: Artilleri - Gladys Glasses (bronze)
Ring: Cheeky Pea @Arcade Gatcha - Macaron Ring (orange)
Beret: Tram - Cat Beret (mulitcolored changer) *mesh
Nails: Leverocci - Round Nails (purple plain) *mesh

Friday, 21 September 2012

Post #76 Serenity Now

Well, Elikatira aka [e] hair is having a major sale.  I picked up color packs for 75L and caught up on some styles I've missed.  This was one of them.  Gorgeous style with a lovely flower to wear on the side of your head... bringing out your inner natural beauty for sure.   The Kosh necklace will harness the energy and ... man I'm too tired to be making up crystal fan fiction..
This flowy and nicely patterned mesh dress is on the lucky boards at a cute little store called Chocolat.  It fit quite well and prompted me to immediately buy the new Beth Wedge Bootie release from G.Field.  I'm talking about putting on the dress, getting an announcement about the shoes two minutes later and buying them in record time.  Loved how they went together.  Oh, and the shoes have a hud to change lace colors etc.
Cheesecake photo!  ... haha...


Hair: Elikatira - Unfold (blonde 10) *mesh (comes with color changeable hair flower)
Skin: Auxiliary@ Collabor88 - Love "Timeless" (medium shade)
Dress: Chocolat - Mesh Dress *mesh of course (LUCKY BOARD ITEM)
Shoes: G.Field - Beth Wedge Bootie (ivory) *mesh (NEW RELEASE)
Jewelry: Kosh - Olsen (necklace & ring)

Pix taken @ Scarlet Creative (beautiful homes and very relaxing because everything is so clean and calm!)

I wish my real house looked like these places! lol.

Post #75 Beach Shorts

Al Vulo! has a new group skin out for September, if you haven't gotten it yet you have 10 more days.  I really liked it except for the lips.  They were very ... plumpy.  I covered them with some lipstick and the skin all of a sudden got 10x nicer, lol.
These Ingenue Shorts from Collabor88 this month are to swoon over.  They fit so nice and I just love the ribbon on them.  They went great with the Auxiliary jewelry I picked up at faMESHed!
Found a lovely beach to take some pix at.  I left the location here...

Location: Calenost - Inlet of Orca

Missing summer already!
....<3 Ana

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Veronica (golden) *mesh
Skin: Al Vulo - Julia (intense night/sunkissed) ((GROUP GIFT))
Bandeau: Maitreya - Sarong Top (Olive)
Shorts: Ingenue@ Collabor88 - Hetty (coffee) *mesh
Shoes: Slink - Ilena Sandals (standard gold) ((need the mesh feet)) *mesh
Jewelery: Auxiliary@ faMESHed - Chunk Bracelet & Earrings (bloom)
Lipstick: MOCK - Lipgel (nude gaga)
Nails: Candy Nail - Esnic Yellow

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Post #74 A Fine Wine

 I just love love love this dress from Micha Mi, featured at The Dressing Room.  It fits beautifully and the shading and way it hugs the body is perfect.  I could find no issue with it at all, and I'm super impressed.  The  stockings offered up by A&A at the same event really looked cool with the dress.
 I haven't ever really shopped at Micha Mi, I don't know why, I suppose I just see them at TDR events and just take them for granted lol.  Don't you even love that little slit up the front?
The skin was from TDR Blue, I love the Grace skin line.  The hairpiece was free and I never really thought I would use it, but I bought this Boon hair a while ago and always felt weird just wearing a hairbase (with the bun attachment in the back).  Gives it a kinda neat look I think.

Wish I had real wine!
<3 Ana

Hair: Boon - DES423 Hair (blonde) ((gathered lower hairbase sold seperately)
Skin: Atomic @ TDR Blue - Grace Skin (Galaxy)
Dress: MichaMi @ TDR - Hedda Leather Dress in Wine *mesh
Stockings: A&A Fashion @ TDR - 2012 Tights (comes in a set of 4 different patterns)
Shoes: Kookie - Vo Pumps (noir)
Hairpiece: Frou-Frou - Chalcis Hair Ornament (platinum) ((free gift in corner))

Friday, 7 September 2012

Post #73 Nerdy Girl

 Tonight was the first night of my "upgrading alegbra for those who were into art at highschool" class.  This made me want to dress very smart when I got home.  Picked up this awesome purse from Auxiliary (the new brand formerly known as Illusory & Aura), and a sweet jacket from Fri.Day for FLF.
Two super hot guys in my class.  Too bad they are probably illegal lol.

nerd cougar out!
<3 Ana

Hair: Lamb - Adore (honeycomb root) *mesh
Skin: Glam Affair - Giselle (natural bl 01)
Jacket: - Kristen Jacket (taupe) *mesh ((FLF item))
Bustier: Whippet & Buck - Cropped Bustier (black)
Jeans: Auxiliary @ Fameshed - Skinny Jeans (denim blue) *mesh
Boots: G.Field - Emma (brown)
Belt: Ronsem - Military Belt (3 colors to choose from green/black/khaki)
Bag: Auxiliary - My Oversized Leather Tote (free gift to join group, free to join group right now) *mesh
Glasses: Ison - Quinton Glasses (amber)
Nails: Izzie's - Metallic Nails
Necklace: Whippet & Buck - Memory Collector Necklace (speckled)

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Post #72 Luscious Lips

 Lovely new skin from Atomic @ The Dressing Room Blue goes well with the FD hair!
Gorgeous Skirt with leggings underneath.

Hair: Fashionably Dead - Saturday (blonde 7) *mesh
Skin: Atomic @ TDR Blue - Grace Skin (cherry bomb)
Tank: Chemistry - Echo TankTop (rainbow) ((comes in three different lengths) *mesh
Skirt: Milk Motion @ TDR Blue - Transparent Long Skirt (coral) *mesh
Leggings: Izzies - Studded Leggings (red & silver)
Boots: Ronsem - Wedge Sol Bootee (multicolor script)
Nails: Izzies - Classic Nails (18 multicolored choices)
Necklace: Glow Studio @ TDR Blue - Chain Brush Necklace (black/gold)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Post #71 My Humps

Okay, when I added the ponytail to this outfit I totally realized I was channeling Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas circa 2005 in the "My Humps" video.   The weird thing is I didn't subconsciously make this outfit after the video at all, I ripped it off another avatar I saw in Maitreya.  I asked her where she got her pants and shoes and she told me.  She had different hair and sunglasses, but the shoes, pants and top were her idea.
          Skin before tattoo layer                                             Skin after tattoo layer

I went to Mother Goose's store and noticed some new skins were up on the freebie board.  I was able to pick up this version of Linda with the garish pink lipstick and blue tattoo.  Now I paid 1000L for the Giselle skin from Glam Affair and let me tell you, the best thing about the skin is the 'face detail' layer.  It's meant for that skin but works in a pinch over any other skin that isn't too far in shade variance.  It has freckles so it's super cute.  The lips I got at Mother Goose's for like 60L/12 pack and they are nice. I was able to salvage this skin with two tattoo layers.  I know a lot of people probably like the blue thingie over the nose and lip color.  I'm just not that into it.
My thighs are so fat! lol.  I love the new jewelry at faMESHed from Auxiliary.  It's mesh and there are lots of choices.  Looking forward to that store opening.

I was looking for a village setting for my pix and found this seaside town.  It was really nice and I wasn't really sure what it was till I got on some pose stands and started losing limbs.  I then realized I was at an amputee awareness sim.  I was hoping it wasn't something kinky, and it wasn't.  It was actually really interesting and educational.

Check it out!
<3 Ana

Hair: Burley - Nelly (light blonde 03) *mesh ((closed right now for construction!)
Skin: Mother Goose's - Linda(LB) ((free on the letter boards))
Halter Top: Maitreya - Cupio Basics Top (clouds) *mesh
Jeans: Cracked Mirror - Mambo Jeans (blue) *mesh
Shoes: Redgrave - Cathy (12 colors) ((many color combinations with a provided hud))
Jewelry: Auxiliary @ faMESHed - Chunky Bracelets/earrings (Bullseye) *mesh
Cosmetics: Lips - Mother Goose's LipD (6)/Glam Affair Giselle Cosmetics (face details - have to have skin)

Place: A&A Town, Disability and Amputee Awareness

Post #70 Little White Dress

 Back quite a while ago I bought some "My Ugly Dorothy" skins that were on sale for super cheap.  I totally forgot about them until today.  I had put together this outfit and was wearing a Mamboo Chic skin with it and it looked super fine, I had actually gotten compliments, but then realized I couldn't blog it because Mamboo Chic isn't around anymore.  Which kinda sucks because there was some choice skin in that store, and I paid like 300L to join the group and then it closed!  But back to this skin, it was pretty nice, but I thought adding some cosmetics to it would liven it up and I think it turned out pretty durn nice!
 This hair is from Chemistry.  I love it, it's very retro.  The shades are awesome too.  And it's mesh.  Who could ask for more! I do!  And more I found when I went to Tee*fy and found their fifty linden friday dress still out for fifty linden!  This dress is super nice, the great quality I've come to expect from this store.
Now where does a classy broad like me go and take pictures?  I wanted to get some pristine white walls and beautiful windows and where else but one of the best mesh house builders on the grid - Scarlet Creative!  I found this beautiful house (it's still part of the one voice project that donates to Gala Phoenix's defense fund) and posed for a few minutes popping off some amazing pictures!  Check out those houses & skyboxes.  They really are beautiful and fresh!

Hair: Chemistry - Vines (platinum) *mesh
Skin: My Ugly Dorothy - Sophia 07 (burly)
Dress: Tee*fy - Adelaide Romper Dress (beige) *mesh
Shoes: Epoque - Revolution Pumps (black)
Cosmetics: Chelle - Eyeliner Basics/Mole 1  Mother Goose - LipB7 teeth
Jewelry: League - Coin Collector Set (dark metal)

Pictures taken in the Lyla Mesh house by Scarlet Creative