Monday, 13 February 2012

Post #2 Visiting Drowsy

I went to the Drowsy sim to look for a store (BP*) and all I really found was some sort of boat.  Didn't find what I was looking for but did find a cute swing set and pretty scenery to take some cute pictures in!
Still wearing those awesome green green nylons.  I picked up the cutest red shoes at Collabor88 a couple of days ago, and I don't know if those colors really do go together but in my world they do!  I loved sitting on the swing, since I haven't been on one for years.  I didn't actually move of course, but you get the gist of the 'fantasy'. 
I TOTALLY FELL ON MY HEAD AFTER THIS JUMP AND HAD TO BE KEPT UP FOR 12 HOURS!!!  Totally worth the concussion though.  That boat place is behind me.  Took me like five minutes to get back up the stairs in that darn boat, I kept getting knocked back down, lol.  Actually I'm not even SURE it was a boat.  Some people are just to creative to have their inventions labeled I guess.
I left drowsy to find a backpack i again checked out on this really cute girl at a dance club... I love those little snuggly short girls that look all dolly like.  Yeah so this place was called JPK Village, some sort of steampunk place.  Didn't find the thing I was looking for.  But LOTS OF BIRDS!!  Love this purse I got from a gatcha fair.  It's Tee*fy, which is one of my fave stores.  Goes great with the nylons no?
 Love the skirt too, the criss crosses on the side make me feel a bit slutty, something I don't usually do but the nylons underneath totally give me back my good girl cred.  I actually saw some chick wearing this skirt (in a much more sluttier fashion) at a sales event and totally clicked on her to find out where she got it muahaha!  I do that way too often.  But I sure have found a LOT of great stores that way!
I love this picture.  The bird tweeting at me... the green radioactive goo on the ground... makes no sense.  Reminds me of a quote from Hayley off American Dad "Evolution is like Ikea for animals".  I've always wanted to use that quote somewhere. 
I'm so happy my nails aren't all discombobulated from lag...

Anahata <3

Skin: Pink Fuel - Elly (Milk/Angelic)
Hair: [e] - Frost (blonde 10)
Lipstick: Mynerva - Lipstick Style 3 (deep red) ((discontinued))
Undershirt: Tres Blah - Tied Up Tank (grey)
Jacket: BP* - Denim Jacket (vintage)
Skirt: Insanya - Kitana Skirt (plain/black)
Nylons: d.Select - Nylon Tights (green)
Shoes: Ingenue - Gatsby Heels (ruby)  Collabor88
Purse: Tee*fy - Mini Crossbody Bag (stripes red)
Bangles: The Sea Hole - Nausciaa Bangles (crimson)
Nails: Love Soul - Prim Nails *Colors - Square (red)

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