Sunday, 19 February 2012

Post #4 Finding Places

I have been teleporting around SL the last few days trying to find places to take pictures.  I have been using the Destination Guide, but I haven't really found anything I liked.  Mostly the textures at the places I end up at look just bad.  Not smooth, fake wood and gold etc.  It's pretty hard to find stuff.  I am starting to realize the most beautiful sims are ones that have good stores.  I was at The Dressing Room Blue today to pick up an Atomic skin, and I just thought, oh they have this decorated so nice!  There were a few people there and I really didn't want to start whipping out my poses and standing in corners and stuff.  I'm sure no one would even noticed but I would feel so weird, lol.  I did manage to get a shot standing next to the curtains though.  Timing my AO to not have my hand sticking through my head or anything.

I decided, ah frick it, and went to the same studio where I did my Maitreya red dress.  I found some sort of cubicle filled with balls and took pictures in that instead.  They have some pretty interesting poses.  This unit i photographed myself in must have been devoid of gravity because my hair stayed pretty much the same.  Pretty amazing!

Oh, it's just sort of falling down.  This is Truth's new mesh hair "Barbara", it comes with a flexy add on if you want to have that flowy look added to it.  It's pretty nice.  I gave up on Truth a while ago, well I owned most of their stuff and the new things coming out were pretty much looking the same and I was also looking for some funky styles (found a place called Burley for that, great cool haircuts!)
I'm not a zombie, I just have my hands on some balls yanno?
I love this top I picked up at The Dressing Room, by House of Fox.  If I were to look at any blog right now it would most likely be in it's original shape.  Long and more like a dress.  Now I know the designer worked really hard giving it lots of detail because I had to completely move every prim to fix it (I like to walk around in my clothes and don't like it when my hips and ass stick out - these people must think we are sticks, the alpha layer didn't work at all it was way way too skinny).  I made it much shorter than it's advertised at, but you know, it looks good.  I suppose if I was just posing I could wear it the way it was made, but I'm way too jumpy and squirmy.
Loving the new skin!  The Lien line from Atomic.  I had to add some bronze lipstick to it though because everything I have gotten from them has been pretty much red lips.  and LOOK AT THOSE CLAWS! They are even blinged out!

So I guess for now it's taking pictures outside of all my favorite stores or in studios.  I have a pretty nice beach house and a cool skybox too and lots of furniture.  Maybe I'll start setting up scenes if I get uber ambitious.

Skin: Atomic - Lien Love @TDRB (honey)
Hair: Truth - Barbara w/roots (champagne) *mesh
Top: Color.Me.H.O.F. - Spring Top (pink)
Jeans: Admiral Spicy! - Dark Low Blue Fray Jeans
Shoes: Roly-Poly @ Love Soul Mall - Jelly Beans (yellow & were free)
Lipstick: Mynerva - Lipstick Style 3 (bronze) ((discontinued))
Nails: Love Soul - Jewel (coral)

I could claw someone's eyes out!
<3 Anahata

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