Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Post #3 That Awesome Maitreya Dress

Atomic skin is awesome.  It's very sharp and vivid.  I had the demos for a long time and couldn't bring myself to buy one because they are quite expensive.  I suppose if I hadn't spent 8 million dollars at Dutch Touch in the last couple of years I'd be more apt to blow a bundle on really good skins.  But I never seem to wear my DT anymore, so I have become very weary about buying fatpacks worth thousands.  Of course Atomic started showing up at the Dressing Room events and I went squeee!!! and now buy every one that shows up.  SO happpy!
Love the mesh dress from Maitreya.  It makes CUUUURVES on my body, pretty close to my own.  Love...love...LOVE the way the 'fabric' wrinkles (although in real life that would probably be annoying), but on SL it just looks a zillion times more realistic than the fricking flexi prim skirts I still see people wearing all over the place.  A lot of times I go into a club and the first thing I see is grey flexis that haven't rezzed yet.  Stupid SL went and dumped my cache the other day, so now everywhere I go, it takes forever to load.  I gotta quit trying to make shadows happen.  No.  It's just not gonna happen for me.  They look all jaggedy and weird.  Where was I going with this????
Love the mesh hair from Wasabi Pills.  I haven't found another good mesh hair store yet.  I love this one because it is so cute!  And cute is what I aim for.  All the way baby.  Call this picture Le Suprisito.
 Even though I'm a girl, I can't stop staring at my ass in this dress.  It's just so SHAPELY!
I don't use Viewer 2, I used the mesh version of Phoenix, so unfortunately I cannot wear two alpha layers at once.  So I gotta wear some old style boots from J's (which actually look pretty good) with the dress.  In certain texture background I can see the fricking bulky hidey invisiprim layers that have driven me crazy since the beginning of my life on SL.


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xoxox Anahata <3

Skin: Atomic - Grace Skin (LB Buff) TDR exclusive yo!
Lipstick: Good ol' Mynerva - Lipstick Style 3 (red)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Sachiko Mesh Hair (seafoam w/accessory)
Dress: Maitreya - Nolita Mesh Dress (red) *xxs makes me feel good about my pixel butt self no doubt!
Bitch Boots: J's - Thigh High Boots (black)

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