Friday, 3 August 2012

Post #63 Good Girl/Bad Girl

Yay!  Check out my athletic abilities!  I'm jumping for joynessity.

The week flies by so fast I totally forgot it was Fifty Linden Friday.   Wait, I mean I forgot it was FLF at midnight!   Back in the day I used to wait and wait for an hour getting excited for the clock to strike.  Half the people were never out anyway, but it took up a couple of hours of my time waiting and TP'ing from place to place on the list.  Wow, never realized what a loser I was (and still am apparently) to stay home Friday nights to shop online for an avatar haha!
The winner of FLF this week is definitely Teef*y!  Love these new tanks... I teleported into the store and saw a display for the two on sale and another display for a bunch of other colors.  I thought they would be super short, like a cutoff top.  I saw an invisible person standing there, with nothing but prim shorts and a prim wife beater in white, I was going to send her a message asking where she got the tank from, then I realized, holy crap it's the designer herself, and she's wearing this weeks prize, lol.  She had not set the price yet because I clicked on it.  She also got rid of the tops on display that weren't part of the sale.  I musta given her the weirdlies standing right next to her, waiting.  It was kinda funny.  I did shout "these tanks are radical!" right as she got booted.  She must think I'm mentally ill.  Well I am sorta.  Just wanted to give her a shoutout for making a really nice top!
So of course I had to run to FaMESHed to get the shorts, I had seen them already but couldn't make up my mind on colors.  The purchase of these tanks made it a lot easier for me thank goodness.  I got a darker pair of shorts than I wanted, but I remember that I have light shorts from Collabor88 a few cycles ago that had tights, so yeah, I got the darker ones.
Bitch Please....

I like this whole good girl/bad girl look.  Although my good girl has tats, my bad girl smokes, in front of churches no doubt!  So yes, I can definitely tell which is which.

Happy with my new purchases...
<3 Anahata Angel & Anahata Succubus from Hell

Hair: Burley: Babs - Platinum 01
Skin: Fashionably Dead - Shade is Morning Sun (old FLF skin with MOCK dark mallow lipstick which is free)
Jewellery: Kosh - Infinity Set
Good Girl Top: Teef*y for FLF - Basic Tucked Tank (striped) *mesh
Good Girl Shorts: Teef*y @ FaMESHed - Abbey High Waist (used denim) *mesh
Good Girl Tattoos: Letis (carpe diem H918 on arm/P957 on calf)
Bad Girl Top: Teef*y for FLF- Basic Tucked Tank (glasses) *mesh
Bad Girl Shorts: Teef*y @ FaMESHed - Abbey High Waist (basics peach) *mesh
Bad Girl Tights: Kyoot - Hollander Leggings (basil)
Bad Girl Boots: Crazy - Charro Boots *mesh

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