Saturday, 11 August 2012

Post #66 Pretty Blue Pockets

I was feeling pretty mellow.  I should have actually named this blog 'pretty damn ordinary' because I have no sense of high fashion in second life.  Well, I suppose I could but when i go places I don't feel like I'm doing anything high fashiony, so why bother.  I don't roleplay or talk to people haha.  I just go from sale to sale and check out new or favorite stores in between.  So I dress pretty casual.
I knew Fab Pony was closing and they had a nice pair of jeans they had given out a long time ago, so I went there and picked up a darker pair for 30L.  Everything in the store is 30L.  There is no mesh and it's all kinda outdated, but the jeans were cool.  I kinda don't like prims anymore, but there aren't enough mesh jeans around (that I know of) so I still wear them, but you can so see where the prim and the system pants meet!
Top and boots from Ronsem.  I love that store.  I love that the boots have a leopard pattern as an option haha!  The shirt would be pretty plain but the pockets make it all worth it.  All the shirts in this series are super cute and the mesh fits pretty good.

<3 Ana

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Anais (rye) *mesh
Skin: LAQ - Ebba (fair) 01
Top: Ronsem - Tunic (ivy) *mesh
Jeans: Fab Pony - Chloe Jeans (vintage) 30L @ their closing sale
Shoes: Ronsem - Wedge Sol Bootee (click boot for 5 diff colors)*mesh
Necklace: Kosh - Tree of Life Necklace
Earring: Magic Nook - Babydoll Silver Earring (small)

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