Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Post #68 Cold Logic in Nice Colors

So I picked up these little tied at the side tshirts at the Cold Logic sale.  I have a pink one with a peace sign and a rusty looking plain one.  I like these too.  I like these colors particularly.  Cold Logic has a lot of pink and turqouise and coral.  Not my fave in the world of fashion.  Too joyous for my carmudgeony soul.
I like this Magika hair because it looks like I've developed a very large tumor at the back of my head.  Just kidding!  I actually wore the large size because for some reason I don't have the medium size and the small was giving off all these warning signs and made me look like I had severe alopecia except for some strands in the front.  Maybe it was the sim I was on, maybe I screwed up the hair, nonetheless, it's sexy hair and I like it - even if it's BIG!
This hair is okay too. I don't know why I bought the bi and tri color pack.  I'm not really enjoying the look of dipping my hair in eggs or something, but it's the only shade that would go with the red.  The pink and blue were too soft for the colors and I just dislike black/red/brunette hair these days.
This romper is the best ever!  I have the green striped one and was super excited to see it in red.  It looks so cute and fits so well.  I did go to some danceclub last night in it and some guy sent me a picture of myself missing the actual outfit but showing invisibility where the alpha's were.  Not sure if these glitches that happen where people don't see what you are wearing properly are their issue or mine.  I mean I saw me fine, he didn't see me fine.  Does that mean I have to reboot or rebake or change my outfit because everyone else sees me this way?  I don't know.  All I said was hey, at least my boobs aren't showing!!  He didn't talk to me after that.


Slutty Mc SlutSlut
<3 Ana

Outfit #1
Hair: Magika - Volume *mesh
Skin: The Skinnery - Sophia Woodstock
Top: Cold Logic - Waid (quantum pack) *mesh ((only paid 200L for all four tops!)(ebony taupe red wine)
Trousers: Cold Logic - Eise (ebony) *mesh and where do they come up with these names?

Outfit #2

Hair: Magika - Secretive *mesh
Skin: The Skinnery - Sophia Woodstock
Romper: Cold Logic - Jewel (red) *mesh

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  1. your shirt's too long. please dry it in the dryer for an hour and take a new pic :)