Friday, 10 August 2012

Post #65 Crazy Eyes (FLF STUFF)

I laughed so hard when I drew this big ass gun.  I don't even remember what it was.  All I knew was I had to find guns to go with this DECO Fifty Linden Friday offering.   There was just no other way to present this.  Really cute dress and awesome boots.  I had an old pair of primmy DECO boots from a past FLF from maybe 2010.  Really nice to get some updated combat type boots. Reaaaal nice... //eyes darting around...
I got the Skinnery skin from the Vintage Fair.  I paid 900L.  That's pretty rare for me but I couldn't resist it. The ironic thing is that the skin is called "Woodstock" probably meaning 'hey this chick is a peace loving hippie activist type who takes part in flash mob love fests'.  So of course I got her in fatigues...
Cute little gold slut set from One Bad Pixel.  It's supposed to be leather but looks like quilted naugahyde.  My dad had a basement bar like that when i was a kid.  It was black with big red buttons.  Classic.  He was an airline chef (okay that's kind of an oxymoron), and he had aquired (meaning stole) all these airplane sized booze bottles.  My brothers and I drank all the vodka and replaced it with water.  Good times!

Crazy eyes!  muahahaha....
<3 Ana

Hair: !lamb - Gemini (mad pack) *mesh NEW RELEASE
Skin: The Skinnery @ The Vintage Fair - Sophia Woodstock (honey) ((in front of a postcard type billboard)
Dress: DECO for FLF - M100 Dress (camo) *mesh
Shorts & Top: One Bad Pixel for FLF - Leather Bustier & Shorts (gold) *mesh
Socks: Kyoot - Lacy White Knee Socks (recolored)
Boots: DECO for FLF - Rivet Boots *mesh
Necklace: Glow Studio for FLF - Glow Necklaces Mix'n'match gold (you get three, they cool)

FREE GUNS FOR EVERYONE! @ Dangerous Geisha

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