Friday, 3 August 2012

Post # 62 Burnt Umber

Burley has some pretty neat hair.  I don't know if it's super popular with everyone, most of the people I see when I go shopping there are probably controlled by younger people.  I mean I see a lot of the "invisible pony rider" types there.  I have nothing against them but some people definitely do.  I think these are older people.  I am sure this is not 100% but a lot of times I can tell the general age of someone in Second Life.  Even the ones that are dressed really, provacatively, shall we say?  This has nothing to do with my post.  It's just me babbling.
 I like the slight 'fetal alcohol syndrome' look of this skin.  I look bitchy and it's rad.  I was gonna take off the sweater for the pictures because I know they don't sell it anymore.  It's a good sweater.  I remember when Sweetest Goodbye was a really big store with expensive stuff.  Now it's another store, Monso I think, and there is a small section of select SG stuff in there.  I went there yesterday to see if this sweater was still there but it's not.  They had a cute mini skirt too to go with it.  I guess mesh killed the prim like video killed the radio star.  Or maybe the SG people just decided they didn't want to have clothes anymore.  Anyways, I bought lots of their stuff when they closed.  I don't do anything on Second Life but take take pix and blog so the clothes are kinda useless to me since they don't exist anymore.
Omg I remember when I saw these shoes at Aoharu back in the day.  The picture they have of them makes them look simply ethereal.  They are pretty nice but don't turn me into an instant gel on the lense angel.  I had to remove the invisaprims from the shoes a while back and find an alpha layer that fit.  Think I'm using my Maitreya one.  I ike the Whippet & Buck skirt, even if it's primmy (is it just me or does the name of this store sound extremely DIRTY)

totally lovin the way everything i'm wearing is 'creaaaaamy'...
<3 Anahata

Hair: Burley: Euphoria - Light BBlinde 03
Skin: Atomic - Grace (buff) ((i don't know what happened to atomic, i'm guessing rebranding))
Tank: Luck Inc - Tanktop (burnt umber sheer)
Sweater: Sweetest Goodbye - Herangsa (cream)  ((not available))
Skirt: Whippet & Buck - Ayla Leather Skirt (creamy)
Shoes Aoharu - Suede Laceup Sandals w/legwarmer (cream) ((invisiprim removed replaced by alpha)
Necklace - Dark Mouse - Sage Advice (doubt they sell this anymore, can't even find the store did they close?)
Bangles & Ring: The Sea Hole - Golden Lucite Bangles and Corsage Ring (vanilla)  (past Collabor88)
Sunglasses: Fishy Strawberry - Vintage Candy Bar Glasses

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