Monday, 9 April 2012

Post #18 Collabor88 & Paris

April's Collabor88 is here and I teleported my excited little avatar into the darkness that is the store entrance.  Man it was packed!  I got all rubberbandy with my walking and kept mowing people down and walking forward, backward, all over.  Finally I said 'ugh no way' and logged out.  Came back later, about 4am to be exact and it was a lot more manageable.

Fell in love with this super cute Kyoot top even though it wasn't mesh.  I've become a mesh snob sorta.  But.. I'd rather have a primmy top that looked good than a generic mesh template (i wanted to type platelet !?).  The pants are really nice in detail and I might go back and get more colors although I really shouldn't as I already have six thousand different types of capris in my inventory.  Yes I enjoy exaggerating numbers.
The Sea Hole has some fabulous jewelery and a great dress design this month (mesh too!).  I have to pick up all the colors of the jewelery.  It comes with a cigarette & holder.  Very "classy broad" look.  LoL.   The skin is Illusory and I quite like this brand.  They do remind me a bit of Atomic, (how they make my face look, rather bitchy but not too much).  I wore the toothy smile skin for this.
Since the theme was french this round I had to find somewhere french to take pix.  So I typed in 'paris' and ended up at this place, it's pretty nice.  They have an eiffel tower and lots of fake 1912 looking people standing around.  I didn't want to be obvious standing next to the tower so I chose a simple street to stand around and act like an attention ho.  I'm not qute sure if my outfit is more french or more sailor.  I'll settle with french sailorette.

Au Revoir <3

Location - Les Champs Elysees

Hair: Boon - ARK554 (blonde)
Skin: Illusory @ Collabor88 - Love Milk Frenchie (LBT)
Top: Kyoot @ Collabor88 - Josephine Cropped Sweater (red stripes)
Bottoms: Kyoot@ Collabor88 - Etienne Capris (navy)
Shoes: Angel Alphaville - e46f strap (you can tint these inexpensive shoes to any color you choose)
Jewelery:  The Seahole @ Collabor88 - Parisan Set (pearl)
                Glow Studio - Aztec Nose Chain w/o Beads

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