Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Post #22 Feeling Like a Blue Bird

Never being one to pass up a good photo opportunity, I jumped on this really cute swing at the "Pose Fair".  It was located at most awesomely decorated store, Lost Angel.  They had some really awesome props there.

Last fall I got hooked on Mamboo Chic skins.  They have some free ones at their older store on a lucky board, and if you join their group you can get skins every once and a while.  I paid 300L for it, I think.  This is one of the gifts, Olivie.  It's a 'bit' orangey, but I really do love how it looks.  I call this one mid-age.  I wear Mynerva and I feel really young, I wear Dutch Touch and I feel much older.  This is kind of in the middle.  
I got this top and jeans at Oyakin.  Around the time I got the skin.  I really like the two together.  So sweet and cute.  Went great with the prop.  Just kinda hanging out all flowy and stuff.  The top is doing strange things while I am posing, lol.  But when you are standing around, even in an AO, it is all lined up and not sticking out of your breastbone.  What can I say I don't do much editing in my pix.  So unprofessional, I know.
Pose Fair 

"Blue Morning," or "Golden Wood."
Morning. Wood. Morning. Wood
-Francine Smith

<3 Anahata

Hair: Vive9 - Duchess Braid (dirty blonde)
Skin: Mamboo Chic - Olivie (honey 01)
Top: Oyakin - Antique Tunic (navy)
Jeans: Oyakin - Cropped Jeans (wash/black)
Shoes: Roly-Poly @ Love Soul Mall - Jelly Beans (blue)
Lipstick:  Mynerva - Lipstick Style 3 (deep plum)
Hair Flower: Clawtooth - Fancy Pants Hair Flower
Nails: Leverocci - Round Nail 1Fa Firework Glitter

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