Sunday, 15 April 2012

Post #20 Chillaxin'

I love the new mesh hair that came out a few weeks ago by !lamb.  I remember when I first went into the store a couple of years ago, I was pretty horrified at the fact the hair was STIFF as hell!  I was, at the time, a major Truth junkie, and used to flowy hair.  So I got a bunch of demos and kept them in my inventory for a long time.  Putting them on once and a while and kinda wincing about the stiff hair going into my boobs when I moved.  Then one day something inside me changed.  I don't know if it was the fact that Truth was recycling hairdos by that point or !lamb was giving out some rooted blonde 'dos.  I am a rooted blonde irl, so I thought ah, I'm gonna pick these up.  FELL IN LOVE.  SO I started buying every style they had w/roots.  Got used to the stiff hair pretty fast.  Great for pictures.  And who cares if it goes in your boob when you move, it's not like you can feel it right?  Now mesh hairs from !lamb.  This was like a dream come true.  I mean it, i got verklempt inside.  I hadn't been that happy since the big Maitreya 50% sale of 2010. 
So I bought this crazy colored pack, because I like to live on the wild side sometimes and thought, hmmm, what the hell goes with green hair (the pink and blue I could use but the green...).  I noticed people running around with jeans hanging off them like they had on diapers with rocks in them and said YES.  Love these jeans.  They are mesh and insane.  Had to pose to give them the full chunky chunk experience.
I call this pose "no officer i wasn't robbing that convenience store for lime kool-aid"...
This top was pretty cute.  It kinda lights up in the dark, not sure what's up with that, but it's cute.  And I have a bit of a hippe style, so I bought it, cuz it's 'me'.  They had matching tops in the jeans store but they said stuff on them like "F*ck Off" and "Smile" or something, and I just can't support mood swings that way.
I picked up the uber cute bracelets at Collabor88 from "Earthstones", three of them and stacked them.
I love these jeans lmao.  They are actually really well made and fit well.  but look best when my legs are spread open, not as much upsidedown but you get the gist of the look... haha.

Upsidedown & blood rushin' to mah head
<3 Anahata

Hair: !lamb - Brand New Lover (moss) *mesh
Skin: Atomic - Lien "Lover" (honey) TDR exclusive of days gone by, but they have several similar ones
Tshirt: !gO! - Tshirt Heart *mesh
Jeans: Spirit Store - Ella Rigged Unisex Jeans (ripped blue) *mesh
Bracelets: Earthstones @ Collabor88 - Tumbled Stone Bracelets (fire hot, nature walk & spectrum)
Chucks: Rebel Punk Chucks (got them for 50L a couple of years ago on the marketplace)

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