Saturday, 14 April 2012

Post #19 Red Fire Hydrant and HUNT!

 You only have till Sunday to pick up these cute purple pieces at Purple Moon.  It was a pretty easy hunt and I was quite suprised at the quality of items I recieved.  Nails, Two sets of jewelery, tops, purse, casual pants, weird pants (as seen here)... boots I Didn't totally like... but nice stuff.  Mesh and prim.
These pants are outrageous!  Took me a bit to find a pose to show how they look when your legs are spread apart... kinda looks like I'm running away from the ostrich I stole the feathers from!
 I really love this mesh purse.  You can either hold it on your arm (as shown) or in your hand. Although it always makes me cry tears of sadness when my AO starts flitting my arms around and my purse ends up in my head... /cry tears of sadness.
I think I liked this outfit best.  I picked up these awesome shoes from NCore at a sale somewhere I can't possibly remember, and I don't usually wear the super high heels they have there, but these pumps were the bomb.

So get there before the 15th!  You got two days left...!

I'm so Aubergine!
<3 Eggplant Anahata

Purple Moon

Hair: .b - Gala (blanched) ((REALLY cute hair gifts there!)
Skin: Mamboo Chic - Lindsey Angel 03 (pale)

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