Saturday, 7 April 2012

Post #17 Trico Fail Mission

Last evening I put on a premade outfit I made a couple of summers ago.  I remember buying this hair from a place called Trico with many :::::'s in the name.  I wanted to see if they had any mesh hair or new styles, but I could not find it anywhere.  I did find the group though, and there was one member left, so I checked out their profile and they had a link to a place called ::::slow loris::::.  the amount of :::'s convinced me it was the same person who had previously owned Trico. Although the original hair wasn't there, there was a few new styles that I liked, and ended up buying all of them. 
Last week I tried on a demo for hair and fell in love with the brown color.  I have so much blonde hair, I find some of the styles start overlapping from different stores so I think I'm going to buy darker colors for a while.  This is a style I picked up at slow loris, looked great in brown.  This skin has really never looked good in blonde to tell you the truth, and I haven't worn it much, so it was nice to bring it out again and appreciate it.

I remember when I had super muscular thighs and less wide hips, these boyfriend jeans from Maitreya looked super horrible on me.  Since I thinned out my legs a bit and widened my hips the pants fit me better... in the front anyway... I mean they are boyfriend jeans, so they are supposed to be baggy right?

Still kinda looked like I have a diaper on, among other things, but they are still pretty cool pants.  Love them with the vest and the new hair!   

buying more hair than i know what to do with...
<3 Anahata

Hair: slow loris - Hair #4 (brown) *4 lucky boards for skin i believe
Skin:  Mynerva - Dot to Dot (fudge)
Vest: COCO - Fringe Vest (light brown)
Tank: Miel - Cali Tank (cinder)
Jeans: Maitreya - Boyfriend Jeans #02
Shoes: Kookie - Snugs (mocha)
Nails: Love Soul - Ethnic girl (gold)
Bracelet: Love Soul - Hemp (natural)
Tattoo: Nestle My Bosom - White Henna (tintable)

**Trico hair is called  CLIO in umber for what it's worth

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