Monday, 25 June 2012

Post #47 Alley Cat

I remember when I used to wear Analog Dog hair back in the day.  I glowed like a lightbulb.  I had not gone to that store in ages, till I saw someone wearing their new brand - '.b', or Point B as I like to call it.  It's got the curls I so loved with AD, but without the full bright, the overly flowy flying hair strands, and they kinda look sometimes (to me) a bit like dreadlocks.  When I go curly I wear my Mynerva skin.  It's so cute.
Really nice "poly" mesh jackets at Ducknipple.  I picked up a fatpack with 6 colors for 249L.  If you buy the jackets individually they are 99L, so, that's kind of obvious what you are gonna do there.  LoL.
These are some older jeans and boots I bought a long time ago.  I think I had to get rid of the invisaprims from the boots.  It's really simple if you can modify the shoe/boot.  If the invisprim is built into the boot and you don't feel like unlinking everything and deleting the prims, you can always isolate the invisiprim and resize it to just a tiny little thing then hide it back in the shoe/boot.  Then you just find an alpha from another shoe/boot that matches the height and zing!  You got yourself shoes or boots that don't look weird in certain textures anymore.  I have saved so many pairs of favorite boots and shoes with this trick.

I really love the Ducknipple sim.  Lots of alleyways, and pretty sceneries to take pix!

Sneakin around....
<3 Anahata

Hair: Point B - Cosine (gold)
Skin: Mynerva - Plain Jane w/Dot to Dot Freckles
Top: Luck Inc - Tank Top - Burnt Umber Sheer
Jacket: Ducknipple Mesh Jacket Poly (brown)
Pants: :SK Designs - Molonuko Jeans
Boots: Sand Shack Surf Co. - Elsa Boots (brown) ((knitted part has 25 scripted color options))
Necklace: Kosh - Betel Nut Necklace

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