Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Post #49 I'm Outta Smokes

Going through my old 'premade' outfits again, and sometimes updating older things that just look ridiculously tacky, I came across this one which I figured I could salvage.  I always gave my outfits the weirdest names, this one was called "I'm outta smokes".  What on earth possessed me to name it that?  I guess I must have been outta smokes at the time.  Nonetheless, i still think the style holds up, although I did add some new shorts to it from Jane, and my fave flats by Roly-Poly.  I didn't realize the hair was not for sale till I went around getting links for stores, otherwise I would have thrown on something still available.  
I still really like this backpack from COCO.  It is one of the best fitting prim bags for the back I've ever owned, and it's cheap like borsht.  Kind of gives me a scholarly look.  Would go really well with some nerdlinger glasses.  I went to Peppermint Blue to see if they still had the yellow bikini top I was wearing but they are a cafe now, not a cornucopia of freebie stuff, haha.  I stopped to take some pix though.  Loved the build.
Just walking around the building.  I can see why the Jane shorts are on sale.  They are not standard sizing and I could probably fit a small dog down the front of my pants!

Wonder what's in the backpack...
<3 Anahata

Hair: - Jasmine 2 (delighted blonde) ((they don't have this hair anymore and i'm really suprised at how empty the store is, but they do have some hairs left for 40L, or you could probably find a similar style at Maitreya, I always thought they kinda had the same hair anyway))
Skin: Dutch Touch - River V2 Olive (cobalt)
Top: Crazy - Gham Shirt
Shorts: Jane - The Shorts Bobby (charcoal) ((these are on sale for 75L because they aren't standard sizing)
Shoes: Roly-Poly - Jellybeans (black)
Backpack: COCO - Shoulder Bag (black) ((up in the outlet only 25L))
Jewelery: Kosh - Multiplex (necklace & bracelet)

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