Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Post #50 Zip Down Skirt

Oh wow don't we look professional.  Hair all up, business type bag, sensible shoes.  It's not like me to dress so fancy, I feel like I should be giving some sort of SL presentation.  On what I don't know.  Maybe how to be an armchair detective, or a spider solitaire expert (why am I addicted to this silly game after years of ignoring it on my computer?), or perhaps how to google your weird health symptoms to end up with some horrible disease.  Damn you WebMD!!!
Or maybe how to remember to do up your skirt zipper.  I have to admit the first time I saw this skirt I was like "oh no way I can go there with that".  It stuck in my mind though and I just had to end up buying it.  I was with a friend at the time and she had to get one too.  Of course a coy little thing such as myself had to make it look all fancy so the slutty part was a suprise.  Business in the front, potential hooker in the back.
I do love the clove cigarette in a holder getup from The Sea Hole.  I also love that past Collabor88 things are in her store for you to get, at the same price after the cycle ends.  That was a bad sentence! This was from the Parisian set.  I also love the Ghost hair from !lamb.  I think it was the first hair of their's that i owned.  The shoes are cool too because you buy them kinda blank and can change the color, add texures, get rid of the strappy part and do all kinds of things to it, all for the low price of 95L.  Maybe I'll pass myself off as a professional shoe color artist!

Shoe addicted...
<3 Anahata

Hair: !lamb - Ghost (honeycomb)  ((an oldie but a goodie))
Skin: Dutch Touch - River Caramel (tropical)
Jacket: Zenith - Lux Jacket
Skirt: Deetalez - Torn Open High Rise Leather (brown) ((the sluttiest thing I own for sure! lol))
Stockings: Sheer - Zebra Black (free)
Shoes: Angel Alphaville - 046f neutral 'do it yourself shoes' (they are 95L and are modifiable)
Earrings: Magic Nook - Babydoll Earring (gold) ((you can get the silver ones at TDR for cheaper)
Bangles & Cigarette: The Sea Hole - Parisian Accessory Set (mango)
Bag: House of Fox @ TDRB -Shopper's Tote *mesh (good for poses but will fly all over the place with your hand, no built in hold)

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