Friday, 6 July 2012

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The first skin I ever bought was from LAQ, back in 2009.  I wore that skin for a loooong time and have so many old photos of me in it.  It really became "me", that is till I got a free gift from Dutch Touch and that became the new me and I spent thousands being a Dutch addict.  It took me to 2011 to NOT wear the only two brands I ever bought and branch out.  Now I love so many skins it's insane...and expensive.  Anyways, I went and picked up a new LAQ skin and I love it.  And cheaaaaap!  Wow.  I was impressed.  I wore it with these items I wanted to cover, three of which are from Collabor88 which is changing in a few days so I thought I better throw these in here before they were gone.
 First I want to talk about this jacket I picked up from FaMESHed, by Leverocci.  They had or still do have a sale going on and I got a few shirts from them and was kinda disappointed in the alpha layers that showed air, i guess, under the seams.  This jacket didn't fail to disappoint on the air issue (or maybe I should say yeah it did disappoint) and when I stand certain ways this big glob on the inside shows nothing.  I don't know how to fix alphas so I guess I'm stuck with the blankness of it all.  :*(

The dress and hair I got from Collabor88.  I was expecting a full mesh dress (I really need to learn to demo stuff) and It was just a mesh middle, like the old prim types.  I don't own a lot of strapless plain dresses so it will do for now.  The hair is all right.  I wasn't pleased with any one particular color.  It will do too.  I probably won't wear this outfit too often.
 The jewelery I picked up at Dark Mouse for 10L a piece which is a pretty good deal.  They have a red tent out back and are selling older stuff.  I liked the bracelets a lot.  The necklace sort of felt like it never rezzed all the way, and the hair thing was really pretty.  Still, a great deal for the price.
This is my old 2009 Blondie skin.  It makes me look uber happy and my lips are set on 'bitchy'.  So that's some happy skin.  It's so orangey compared to my newer skins and it looks really good here, but you can really tell it's older.  Probably was ahead of it's time though when it came out.  I paid less for the new skin with like four or five makeups than one of the old skins.  I believe they were 1200 a piece back in the day.

The skirt is from Vive9 (same as the blue dress) and it too has just the mesh middle in it.  I'm two days too late for the July 4th red white and blue thing but I'm not American so I guess it's not important.  Hope everyone in the USA had a good holiday!

..I look like Courtney Stodden

<3 Anahata

Hair: Clawtooth @ Collabor88 - Bardot (bombshell blonde)
Skin 1: Laq - Ebba (fair) ((5 pack, i lurve it!))
Skin 2 Laq - Blondie 03 (peach aka orange)
Dress: Vive9 @ Collabor88 - Linda Bandeau Dress (blue) *mesh involvement
Jacket: Leverocci @ FaMESHed - Sleek Blazer (bubblegum) *mesh
Skirt: Vive9 @ Collabor88 - Sparkling Seqiunce Mini (red) *mesh involvment
Shoes: G.Field - Strapped Shoes Alex (metallic pink gold)
Jewelery: Dark Mouse - Sweet Flower Hair Accessory, Cascade of Beads, Vintage Nouveau Bracelets (10L in the red tent behind the store)

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