Friday, 27 July 2012

Post #58 Updating a White Dress...

I think I've mentioned before that I own a lot of Truth hair.  This one is fairly older, and I really wore it a lot with sluttier dresses to 'class them up'.  Like this one I have here circa 2010.  Now to me a 'slutty' dress is basically a short dress that shows cleavage.  I have nothing against slutty dresses, I just need to add a serious element to them.  Can't look too provacative.  I do enough of that in real life, so in my second life I'm right prim and proper.  Now you know why I'm so boring!

So I had an older skin and hair on this outfit, and the dress was not mesh of course.  The shoes are prim Maitreya shoes and I still use them.  I SALVAGED THEM!  

My new version I just made some small adjustments to.  Got rid of the other jewelery for one.  I don't even know where to get those pieces or if they even still exist.  The dress mooooves with me.  And the hair is brand new at the hair fair.
I don't find this dress slutty at all.  The hair is.  Just kidding.  The Glam Affair skin is my equal for Dutch Touch 'agewise'.  I feel both skins make me look like I'm in my early thirties.

So this is my 'updated look'.  New mesh wear, new hair & skin.

...I don't really dress provacatively IRL but secretly wish i could... (must be the catholic schoolgirl upbringing thing)
<3 Ana

Older Outfit Summary
Hair: Truth - Alicia (champagne)
Skin: Dutch Touch - Keira (caramel - fuchsia
Dress: Deetalez - Ruffled White Dress
  ((i dont see it there anymore, but I'm sure there are 1,000 white strapless minidresses out there))
Jewelery: Dahlinks - Summer of Love Crystal Heart Cord Pendant ((lots of girly stuff there))
               Kunstkammer - Silver Rosary Strung Bead Bracelet ((missing store, misspelled 2 many times lol))
               L@rs Stylez - Club Earring ((can't find store))
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Allure (white)

Newer Outfit Summary
Hair: LeLutka @ Hair Fair Garden - Magdelen (glucose 02 streaked) *mesh
Skin: Glam Affair - Giselle (natural 01)
Dress: Cold Logic - Savage (white) *mesh
Jewelery: League - Coin Collector (warm silver)
Shoes: Matireya Gold - Allure (white)

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