Saturday, 21 July 2012

Post #57 Cute L'il Top

Been on a bit of a vacation, back now and time to show off some goodies from the Hair Fair.  Boy, I've been going to these for a while now.  This year's setup was fantastic.  Great theme, less lag, and with the exception of some really bad hair, lots of nice meshy hair for your enjoyment.  Can't wait to blog all the ones I got!
Ohhh lookit me, finally got a shot where I'm looking into the camera and not into the far off distance like some jaded barbie doll.  I love this LAQ skin and have been wearing it a lot, added some freckles and eyeshadow to it this time.  Blows my mind that skin makers still make skins with different makeup, with tattoo layers now available.  But, you know, it's nice to not have to search my inventory for long forgotten lipsticks I bought and lost somewhere amongst my folders.
Been waiting to find the perfect top for these awesome Boom pants.  Got them a while ago, like right when FaMESHed started, but most of the stuff I bought went too low and didn't fit properly with them... well look no further...
This most AWESOME cute l'il top I found at Ronsem totally blew my mind to peices (and I'm tired so that's probably a bit of an exaggeration).  It's so cute!  Love the frilly front, fit and everything.  The mesh fit so well I had no spots show up invisible from the alpha.  That's good top making!

...sooo tired and goofy.
<3 Ana

Hair: Lamb @ Hairfair Flower - Blue Velvet (fair) *mesh
Skin: LAQ - Ebba (fair) 02
Top: Ronsem - Frill Bra (white) *mesh
Pants: Boom @ FaMESHed - Miami Linens (sky) *mesh

Eyeshadow: Boom - Down to Basics Shadow (blue)
Freckles: My Dear - Freckle Tattoo

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