Monday, 30 July 2012

Post #61 Carrot Top

The stores I shop at now are very different than the ones I shopped at a year ago.  And the year before that.
I found this old Emery jacket in my inventory (well this was a full outfit), and I thought omg, I remember when I first started getting into prims, I spent thousands on clothes.  Now I am a mesh junkie and really, prims are not bad.  I mean sometimes they were annoying and stuck into your body in strange places and mesh has it's own issues if it doesn't fit right.
I remember when I picked up the Ganesh dress.  It was in my fave color and I thought it was cool.  It still is. I like Nylon Outfitters, they have funky clothes there.  I see they do have a mesh dress.  I love their jewelery.
COCO was another store that had awesome primmy clothes.  I love these riding boots.  They have another pair of thigh high flat boots I really like.  I was thinking of just deleting all my prim clothes but I don't think I will.  Some I will.  But some outfits are too awesome to discard just because of a new bandwagon.  This is a mesh free zone right here!  LoL.

... prim & proper
<3 Anahata

Hair: Lelutka - Rykiel - Lion
Skin: Glam Affair - Giselle Light
Jacket: Emery - Sheena (black)
Dress: Nylon Outfitters - Ganesh Dress
Turtleneck: - Basic Turtleneck (charcoal)
Leggings: So Many Styles - Shiny Tights (black)
Boots: COCO - Riding Boots

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