Thursday, 12 July 2012

Post # 55 Red Hot

 Burley released three new female hairs yesterday and three new male hairs.  The female ones were mesh, not sure about the boys.  I picked up two of them.  I like the roots so I got that pack, it's really a sweet deal because it's the same price as a normal hair pack but with blonde, brown, red, you name it colors in it.  Much cheaper than a fatpack but with lots of choice.

The new Cold Logic offering for the One Voice event going on is this awesome black and white shirt.  I have blogged this style now a total of three times lol.  It's great.
 I saw a girl wearing these red jeans in Burley and asked her where she got them, Vive9 she said so I TP'ed down there and picked up a red pair.  I really like them.  I don't really know if the shoes are a good choice but they are black so they will do.
I love that the jeans come with two butt choices.  I don't know which one looks better really.  I do wear the smaller one but I'm used to having a flat ass.

Need to do more squats...
<3 Ana

Hair: Burley - Diana (magnate roots 03)
Skin: Dutch Touch - River V.2 (olive/basic)
Top: Cold Logic - One Voice (black/white)
Jeans: Vive9 - Adina Skinny Moto Jeans (cherry)
Shoes: Lelutka - KIA (night)

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