Saturday, 31 March 2012

Post #16 Funky Cool Eyeballs

Checked out The Dressing Room Blue today and picked up a few goodies.  Of course I grabbed the new Atomic skin (although I do realize it's just the same skin with different makeup pretty much every cycle, and now that we have tattoo layers I'm wasting my money).  I really have no excuse except to say that there is something enchanting and magical about hoarding skins.  That's my story, I'm sticking to it.

The sweater/dress/pajamas or whatever from House of Fox were really cute, picked those up too.  But for the life of me, I cannot ever get myself to fit into their stuff without doing major modifications (last 3 out of 4 things I bought didn't fit right).  Not sure what their measurements are but if i do it 'ready to wear' and use the alpha, i have about five inches of hip sticking out either end of the bottom of the top, and if I don't wear the alpha my bare butt sticks out, so I have to resize it lotttts.  I hope, reallly hope that H.O.F. starts meshing soon, beacause I do love their designs and quality.  I'm thinking of junking all my prim tops (god i'm gonna miss you emery clothes) and just wear mesh, since i am pretty comfortable with Firebird now (i mean Firestorm, why oh why can i never remember the damn name! 

Saved the best for last.  These GORGEE-OSIS eyes from Glow!  I have a green pair.  I always use the prims although I think there probably isn't a real need for them anymore since your eyes don't turn orange with shadows anymore, but I do like that they stick out enough that my lower eyelid doesn't have a space between it and my eyeball.  So they still serve a purpose, and well, two more prims mean a lot to me since I'm a prim whore.

But back to the eyes.  I am so impressed they are giving us six colors (regular eyes, the 2 sets of prim eyes in different sizes) for only 50L.  I snatched them up right away and though i'd share them.  I did get a duopack a long time ago that gave me my 'perfect green' eye that I am always wearing in my blog pics, I don't really take them off.

I did buy this new !lamb mesh hair today in the brown set, really excited they went mesh, gonna be so awesome to slowly quickly spend more money on hair haha.  Better than shoes really!  The only thing that bugs me a bit about mesh hair is the halo around the hair that reminds me of invisaprims from shoes. 

Here be da eyez....

obsessed with eyeballs


<3 Anahata

Hair: !lamb - Blush *mesh (butterfinger)
Skin: Atomic - Grace Electric (buff) @ The Dressing Room Blue
Eyes: Glow - Scenic Eyes Brown Collection @ The Dressing Room Blue
Top: Color Me H.O.F. - Lazy Day Sweater (ombre) @ The Dressing Room Blue

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