Monday, 7 May 2012

Post #31 Come Buy My Peppers...Or Die!

Was hanging out at the Cupcake Sim, sifting through the little thrift shop tables and stores and couldn't resist taking a picture while pretending I have a new job.  Loving my new mesh hair from Wasabi Pills (totally allergic to wasabi and would need  Benadryl pills if i ever ate that crazy stuff), I felt like a real saleslady with the kerchief keeping my hair from falling into the foodstuff.
I got a coffee stain on my pants, no I didn't spill it, some guy threw his Starbucks at me when I told him he was shilling for the corporate MAN.  I gave him a dirty look and threatened him with a giant baguette.  He ran as fast as he could.  He was obviously gluten intolerant.
My shape lost a bit of fullness as I had to fit into the blue pair of Mischa shoes from the fatpack I bought yesterday from Lelutka.  The straps just didn't fit properly around my cankles and I didn't want to size up the feet to fit because I'd look like I had clown feet.  Now just cuz I'm not as wide and burly as before doesn't mean I can't run a food stand in a sim that doesn't belong to me! 

tosses onions and makes people cry....
<3 Anahata

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Lola (lemon tea) *mesh
Skin: Mamboo Chic -Olivie Barbie Doll_17 (store has closed, heard she will have a marketplace though)
Top: Mon Tissu - Ruffled Shell (faded) *mesh
Jeans: Surf Couture - Hot Cocoa Stain Jeans (gray) ((stained with cocoa not Starbucks, meh)
Shoes: Lelutka - Mischa (slate)
Necklace: Kosh - Tree of Life
Earrings: Bewildebeest - Io Earrings (blue spinel)

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