Saturday, 26 May 2012

Post # 36 Finding Orange Street

What an adventure.  What a time it took me to find this top.  I had been to Culture Shock about four or five times already and picked up some cute things, this hair from Exile for one, and I thought I was done with it.  Well, except for this top.  I saw it at on my journey to find G.Field, and being the mesh snob I have become I crinkled my nose up at it and went on my way. 

Of course The new TDR Blue opened around 2am (or I received the notice at that time) and I got there immediately.  Lately I haven't really been finding a lot of things I liked but these shoes caught my eye.  They were just so... I dunno... COLORFUL.  So I bought them.  They came with nice tights.  I put them on.  This is the part when I realize I probably had nothing to really go with them.  So my journey began.
I knew they definitely matched the new group gift skin I picked up from Hush tonight (After spending two hours reading about how Curio was accused of using Hush's skins and I know I'm probably totally tacky to be wearing the free gift from the most likely new arch enemy of Curio fans everywhere, but I had to go get some demos to 'compare' and the group gift had some good makeup, so I grabbed it).   I really hope this is just all a misunderstanding and both stores can regain their reputations and the whole mess can get settled.  But in the meantime I needed this skin.  Broke down and bought the Celoe pants I wanted but couldn't decide which color (as you notice they match my heels so that problem is over).  Then.... I was like all in my head trying to think, where did I see that pink top?  Yes, it was in the Culture Shock area, but where?  Which store?... After a while I remembered it was Zenith.  Now I gotta find Zenith.  I look up on the net and see it's located on "orange street" ... where the hell is orange street?

The last street I walk down of course.  

Don't use maps... should learn..
<3 Anahata

Hair: Exile @ Culture Shock - Groove Theory (aka the hair everyone already has) ((hollywood)) *mesh
Skin: Hush - Marin (rainbow) group gift
Top: Zenith @ Culture Shock (ORANGE ROAD Y'ALL!) - Silk Maxi Top (cherry)
Pants: Celoe @ Culture Shock - Yasmine Pants (peach) *mesh
Shoes: Tee*fy @ TDR Blue - Color Blocking Wedges Pre Release (kinda jaggedy but still nice to me)
Earrings: Glow @ TDR Blue -  Etno Earrings  (these are awesomesauce!)
Necklace & Bracelet: je suis - africain (multi colored, just click and pick) major sale going on there!!!


  1. Gosh darling that skin looks great on you too!

    I never know any drama, but dang I hope it's not true.

    Lol I'm glad you found what you were looking for at CS I know it took me at least 20 trips to get through the whole place.

  2. yeah sometimes you just gotta go back for something that caught your eye right?