Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Post #29 The Bird is the Word

Checked out the new faMESHed event and there were some pretty nice things there.  Of course I made a beeline to the Celoe/Mon Tissu & Wasabi Pill booths.  I bought the pants first and thought, okay I have so many of these MonTissu shirts already I must have something else to go with them, but nothing looked as good as the shirt that came with the pants.  I headed out to a nice place where I might have a picnic because those pants just made me think of a sunny day filled with barbequed chicken.
I met that little bird on the fence.  She didn't move or anything so I decided she would become my friend, or perhaps teach me to fly.  I was thinking maybe she would think I was a bird too since we were both wearing orange... hehe.  Did I mention those pants are awesome!  I love the way they fit.
She just stared at me and i stared off into space, growing impatient.
Finally I started flapping my arms hoping she'd talk to me, she didn't.  She was a plastic bird.  I was depressed for the rest of the day and pigged out on what was left of my burned chicken.

Location: Noweeta Grassland

Hair: Wasabi Pills @ FaMESHed - Jaqueline (golden) *mesh
Skin: Tres Blah - Blessa Clean (light w/freckles tattoo)
Top: Mon Tissu @ FaMESHed - Ruffled Shell (polka dot beige) *mesh
Pants: Celoe @ FaMESHed - Dade Slacks (neon) *mesh
Shoes: RolyPoly - Jelly Beans (orange) ((you can get a free pair of these in yellow at the link))
Necklace: Glow @ TDR Blue - Tassles Long Necklace
Makeup:  Lips: Boom (pale pucker orange)  Eyeshadow: Boom - Back to Basics (blue)

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  1. I'm so happy you got this outfit! As soon as I saw it I thought of you! It looks perfect!