Saturday, 12 May 2012

Post #34 Light As Air

I bought the Clara corset from Celoe and I didn't get the pants.  I had a hard time deciding which ones to get because they didn't have black, which I would have preferred and I suppose if I had bought the white or black corset I would have had an easier time color matching, but I really wanted the blue one!  It's so realistic.  Again, Celoe is the bomb in my book.
The Chandelle boots come from the Stuff in Stock event  I bought them impulsively and didn't really appreciate them at first, but they are okay for the price.  When I did put them on, I immediately remembered the cute teal stockings and pink bodysuit i got at The Secret Store a while back and the colors seemed to really go well with each other.   Not your typical outfit but I kinda liked it once I put it together.  THE HAIR from Vive9 that is at Collabor88 is my favorite thing right now. It's spectacular!  I can't stop wearing it or gushing about it.  They did a fantastic job on the roots and how the hair falls just perfectly.
I added the feather head dress from the Susanna hairpack (that I really just bought for the headpiece, I never wear the hair), it can be found at Kik. 

Got all artsy with my photos too.  I kinda felt like a mermaid without a tail.  ;)

swimming in air...
<3 Anahata

Hair: Vive9 @ Collabor88 - Dreamcatcher (platinum Blonde w/deep roots) *mesh
Skin: Ilusory @ Colabor88 - Love (daydream in milk)
Bodysuit: The Secret Store - Cableknit Bodysuit (vienetta)
Corset: Celoe - Clara corset  (deep) *mesh
Stockings: The Secret Store - Cable Knit Socks (deep teal)
Boots: Chandelle @ Stuff In Stock - Dan. Pink*mesh
Nails: Izzies - Classic Nails (metallic) ((color change hud 40 colors great deal at under 200L!!))
Freckles: MyDear - freckles makeup layer (free)
Eyeshadow: Boom - Renegade Princess (neon)
Headpiece: Kik - Susanna  (not wearing the hair, just the headband that comes with it)

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