Saturday, 5 May 2012

Post #30 Mellowed Out

Yesterday I went to TokiDoki for some reason or another, I think I got a notecard about some new items, and I totally fell in love with these chinos.  I'm starting to really regret ever getting into mesh clothes.  I had these fantastic pair from Mon Tissu that I loved and I was never gonna give them up, but dayum!  The three dimensional aspect of clothing is really appealing and kind of kills the whole painted on your body look no matter how damn great the artistry is.  I am now replacing my wardrobe and it's expensive!
I also picked up this bag at TokiDoki in one of their bazillion gatchas.  I always fall for bags and end up never wearing them, because I spend most of my time moving around, and the bags go in all kinds of crazy unnatural body impaling directions.  Unless they come with an animation where you are holding onto it for dear life, or its rigged to stick to your body.  The random prim ones are only good for photo ops.  It's such a nice bag though.
Went to Cold Logic and of course there were so many people there I mowed a few over and caused injuries I'm sure... But well worth the mayhem to pick up this new top.  I LURVE IT!  It's so mellow and well made.  And it's not just a top.  It has slits in the arms!  It has strings!  LoL.  This excites me.  It's absolutely something I would wear in the real world and I love finding something like that, yet get disappointed because I CAN'T find it in the real world.  Looked really sweet with the new necklace I picked up at Izzie's too.

This is my new fave.  Will wear it for a couple of days for sure!

hoping it's cotton and breathable...
<3 Anahata

Hair: Lelutka - Phoebe (blonde fun) *mesh
Skin: Dutch Touch - Megan (cream basic)
Top: Cold Logic - Graham (sunset) *mesh
Capris: TokiDoki - Rolled Chinos (beige) *mesh
Shoes: Fir & Mna - The Twine Shoes (khaki)
Necklace: Izzies - Bead Necklace (green)
Bag: TokiDoki - Peace Satchel (native)

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