Monday, 12 March 2012

Post #10 Wanna Ride the Scooter!

Checked out the big sale at Medley today and picked up some nice lipsticks and face piercings, as well as a pretty cute "braces for my teeth" sculpt.  I'll wear it sometime when I look like a little brat!  While I was outside checking out the other two stores (Burley had a setup and I love that hair store!), I found this awesome blue scooter.
 So I clicked on it and it wouldn't let me on!  I didn't have permission.  The pie menu said 'ride' and everything but nope, the sucker didn't want me on it.  So instead I had to bloody stand next to it and pretend it was mine.  I should really just go find one somewhere and take it with me where ever I go and pose on it.  Kind of like those gnome around the world commercials by travelocity.  Me on a scooter in Paris, in India, on a snow capped mountain.  UNDERWATER IN A MERMAID SUIT!!!
So this outfit I was wearing I made the other day.  I had a different skin but the eyebrows looked freaky, so I threw on my old standby "Little Becky" by Mynerva.  It was a free gift, and seriously, the boobs are kid boobs, and I don't often run around nude, but it's the most sweetest skin ever!  I feel so innocent in it lol.

Love the boots too.  I went to the store "Crazy" one day and I remember buying some black top from there a couple of years ago.  I loved the stuff in there and picked up like 4 or 5 tops, a couple of pairs of pants, and many pairs of shoes.  They have pretty original and cute shoes and boots.  Looked really great with my Miel jewellery, I love that place too!

Ridin' on mah imaginary scooter...
<3 Anahata

Skin: Mynerva - Little Beckie (birthday gift from long ago)
Hair: Magika - Porcelain
Top: Crazy - Flow Top (beige)
Jeans: Mon Tissu - LouLou (used)
Boots: Crazy - Wedge Moscow Boots
Jewelery: Miel - Friendo Necklace & Bracelet (beaded)/Kosh - Iron Heart Bracelet (leather)
Tattoo: Letis - Peace Blossom
Nails: Love Soul - Prim Nails Colors Square (dark red)
Lipstick: Medley - Glossy Lips (wine) *everything in store is 20L, great sale!

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