Thursday, 29 March 2012

Post #14 Cheap vs. Expensive

 Wanted to get some mesh tube tops for my new Maitreya leggings.  I had two choices.  One for 75L at a sale, and one for 450L at a well known mesh store.
                                  DEMO 1   75L                                                           DEMO 2  450L

DEMO 1: (size large for me) were on sale so don't know what their regular price was, but even at 75L I still didn't buy one. The top didn't fit my shape very well and i felt it was a bit blocky.  

DEMO 2: on the other hand, (size small for me), hugged my curves and had fabulous detail. Loved the seams at the top and bottom of the shirt, loved the shadowing around the parts that looked bunched up.
DEMO 1: because I had to wear the large size my boobs were not big enough to fill the breast trough thing.  So you could see the clear space where the alpha was.  
DEMO 2: the top of the tube covered everything and fit perfectly!

Again, the DEMO 1 top was bulky in the back and seemed to stick into my mesh leggings.  I was not going to put on the xl to accomodate this as i might have looked pregnant by that point with missing breasts and nothing but empty clear space over my cleavage.  DEMO 2 looked fantastic, accentuating my behind and flowing nicely over my hips.  DEMO 2 also had a pattern on it.
So I decided to buy the DEMO 2 set, which also came with a jacket.  I did love the DEMO 1's trendy designs, but I wasn't going to look misshapen and have weird cleavage so I could have a cool picture on the front of my shirt.  Let's break down the prices and really see if buying "cheap" at sales is really worth the loss of quality in the end.

75L for a top that is just not the best fit (650 for a fatpack of 10, so 10L savings on 1)
450L for the tubetop & a jacket - since it's two pieces I would say it would be 225 for each piece (although jackets tend to run a bit more than tops do but meh, I'll half it).

I did buy the fatpack of the jacket/tube top set, it cost me 1,100L for four different colored sets.
That's 275L for a set.
Dividing that in half for the jacket and the tube top is approx 137L

So compare the two fatpack tops at the prices of 65L to 137L.  Is the 72L difference really worth it?

Now I know some people aren't as picky as me, and some people even have bigger boobs with narrower hips that might have fit the less expensive top better, I know that a lot of people don't have 1,100L to shell out for fatpacks.

This is just my opinion.  I believe if you invest in good pieces, and when you do find them get them in fatpacks to save money, you are doing pretty good for yourself.  With this set you can wear the tube top buy itself, the jacket by itself, even mix and match the different colors in the fatpack.  Classic, well fitted and slick.

It's your choice.

<3 Anahata

Hair: Shag - Pussy Galore (undressed)
Skin: Pink Fuel - Elly Angelic (milk/lt brow/freckles)
Demo Top 1: Forever Young @ Jersey Shore - Retro Tube Mesh Tops
Demo Top 2: Cold Logic - Robins

Top & Jacket: Cold Logic - Robins (slate/pink)
Leggings: Maitreya - Couture Leggings (quarry)
Eyeshadow: [mock]. - Shadow Fall Festivals Green 2 (one of the very many generous group gifts given out by the wonderful creator, JOIN THIS GROUP!!!)

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