Friday, 30 March 2012

Post #15 Fun in the Sun

Looking for beaches and bathing suits....
I live in Canada, and it's only March, but feels very much like spring is here.  While it's not exactly bikini weather in my first life, it's definitely time to bring out the beachy bikini look in my second life.  Looking for a spot to drop my basket of goodies (sunscreen, croissants, havarti cheese, cream puffs and meth), I had a hard time finding a good spot to take pictures without getting accosted by raving horny naked men.  After avoiding any place that had 'free sex' or 'nude beach' in the description I finally found a great place with tasteful landscaping and safe spots.

I love this gold Boho bikini by StarFashion.  The pattern is well done and I love that it has fabric attachments on the sides and the jewels right in the middle of the top.  Just makes it more realistic in my eyes - more 3D, which is rare for bikinis as there isn't cuffs and collars on them..I guess I'm a prim whore.  I love anything with the word "boho" in it and this definitely has a really cool free spirited feel to it.  This Bajika hair from Burley went so well with the bikini, the headband added to the exotic look.
Once upon a time all I owned were Dutch Touch skins (before that ((circa 2009))I used to wear Laq skins which I can't even deal with now, they seem so different and cartoony).  Then I discovered Mynerva and Atomic and kind of forgot about my Dutch Touch, all 8 billion lindens worth of them.  Lately I've had a bit of a nostalgia thing for them.  Dutch Touch really "made" Anahata.  The first freebie I got from Iki way back became the skin I didn't take off for months.  I remember going to the store and spending lots of time wearing the demos, carefully deciding which set I wanted to buy.  River was the first set.  I updated to V2 during a sale.  I touch Dutch!

Workin' on my tan

The Dreamer's Islands Public and private beaches

Hair: Burley - Bajika Blonde 01
Skin: Dutch Touch - V2 River (olive/basic cl1)
Bikini: StarFashion - Bikini Boho Gold
Nails: Love Soul - Prim Nails *Colors - Square* (red)
Makeup: [mock].  - Eyeshadow (fall festivale green  - free gift)
                                   Lipcolor (brazen bronze lipstain - free gift)
                                   Blush (winter rainbow collection terra rosa - free gift)

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