Friday, 9 March 2012

Post #8 Funny Old Videos

OMG I can't believe I used to be such a blingaholic.  Or dressed the way I did, OR HAD SUCH BIG APE ARMS!!!  Where was my mind?  (Freaky that you still find people who look like this in 2012)

Back in my freebie dungeonistic days.... Thank god I didn't do any more of these...

Back in my dancing for linden camping days my real life brother and I would put together outlandish outfits and do our synchronized dances at Mr. Pickwick for like 2L for every half hour.  LoL @ this, because we were so proud of ourselves we thought we should probably become professional and get paid way more linden than what we were getting.  The leopard outfits were so fabulous and god forbid any random dancing avatar get in our way...!

Then I got creative and started doing my videos in Windows Movie Maker with all the cool 'effects'.  Showcasing my really badly dressed alts... oy!


okay this one is SUPER AWESOME!!! i am actually proud of it and had it up on youtube for a long time..

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