Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Post #6 Sunny with Shadows

I decided I wanted to try shadows.  The last time I tried shadows my eyes looked like that of satan,  orange glowing orbs.  I was sad.  But that was a long time ago though and I decided to try it again on my Phoenix, but lo and behold, jaggedy edges got to me.   So I FINALLY broke down and installed Firestorm!  I had read they had a new skin that resembled Viewer 1.  I am kind of a sucky baby and do like Viewer 1 stuff.  I haven't really ever gotten into using keys for shortcuts so I tend to just the arrow keys to move around like a total noob.  I don't like having to search and relearn and have to press more buttons to find things when it's all at my hand right now.  If I just used shortcuts this would have been an easier transition.

Anyways!  I hopped on, adjusted some settings and this is what I got.  I was wearing a nice sunshiney outfit and thought I would whip out some butterflies to make it look like I was quite serene and a little reflective.  Love the shadows by the way!  My face seems a little blurry, even though I baked the hell out of myself several times.
My face did look a bit different than normal.  I usually use a modified preset named "Nams Optimal Skin".  It washes everything out but I don't see the nasty lines where the prims meet the worn peices of clothing.  On this one though I needed to play around with the sky so that I could get some nice shadows going.  It was kind of confusing because they have a totally different setup.

My nose also seemed a little dirty, but maybe it was a rogue shadow.  Overall I really like it and I think I will whip out the ol' Firestorm (I couldn't remember what it was called, Firefox? Phoenixstorm?) to take future pictures when I feel 'outdoorsy'

Sunshine & Butterflies
<3 Anahata

Skin: Mynerva - Sara Pure (group gift out now)
Hair: [e]: Changes (blonde 06)
Top: So Many Styles - Belted Tunic (Sunny)
Jeans: So Many Styles - Skinny Jeans Brown (ripped)
Shoes: Crazy - Boho Sandals
Jewelery: Kosh - Lotus Necklace & Bracelet set/Kosh Inifinity bracelet
Nails: Love Soul - Colors Square (dark brown)

Pictures taken at The Rose Theatre

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