Monday, 12 March 2012

Post #9 Intimates at Home *part one*

One of my prettiest and newest sets of lingerie right now, in my little beach house where I spend all my time chillaxin'.

I live on a beach, a tiny square of land with water all around it, really pretty view of the sunset, and great neighbours who have lovely houses and gardens.  I spend a lot of time alone in my house, basically listening to Groove Salad on Soma FM and making outfits.  It's my fave passtime for relaxing me in real life actually. 
 The colors of my place are filled with washed out shades of white, beige, blue and really feel crisp and clean.  I got this Coastal Loft Skybox (beachhouse for me) at {what next}, they have some really great stuff there.  I am not really into the darker gothicy stuff.  Some places look fantastic with that look, but you have to be very talented to pull it off.  You really have to choose the proper textures.  I'm very partial to the whole sort of 'drawn' look vs. photorealistic textures, and I see a lot of crappy photos of stone and ugly gold trim on a lot of 'castles'.  But that really has nothing to do with this whole subject today does it?  Me going off on bad texture tangents.  Oohhhh... 
 I went back to d.Select to check out if they had more colors of those opaque greenish tights I really like to wear, and have worn in previous posts (I never remember the names of anything I wear).  I found this simple, very cute, sorta see through camisole and panty set.  They were sold seperately.  I kinda of got grouchy paying over 100L for a pair of panties, but I am a sucker for this shade of pink, and they just looked so cool on the display (advertising works!).  Of course that meant that I was allowing myself to run to G.Field and buy a new pair of shoes!
 I was thinking of throwing some props on the ledge or a picture on the wall, but i sort of wanted to keep the picture 'clean'.  One day I'm going to overclutter the hell out of myself, and my surroundings.  I really do admire and appreciate bloggers who can use almost every freaking attachment on their bodies to make outfits.  I have done that and I do have some pretty wild funky outfits premade in my inventory.  I just NEVER know where to go to take pictures with them!  If I use my house as inspiration, you see what I end up with?  Plain two piece lingerie set with no jewelery but beaded bracelets.  I don't wear jewelery in real life and I'm kinda low maintenence.   So I tend to reflect that back into my SL fashion.  I wonder if anyone reads this blog, and if they do actually READ the crap I write lol!  Probably not.  I never really read stuff people write in their blogs either.  Especially useless musings such as this...

Enjoy the silence!
<3 Anahata

Skin: Dutch Touch - Megan (cream w/freckles & moles)
Hair: !lamb - Mono (honeycomb root)
Camisole & Panties:  - Sheer Ruffle Top (rose)/Sheer Ruffle Panties (rose) * sold seperately
Jewelery: League - Pearls & Lace (pastels) bracelet
Shoes: G.Field - Alex Strap Shoes (metallic pink gold)

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