Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Post #11 Color Manifesto!

I kinda wish I remembered what I did here because I can't duplicate it again.  I mean the whole black background.  You know I could take my pictures and photoshop them and stuff.  But all I know really is the 'filter' effects part and everything is way too extreme, like who wants to see me all penciled up, or I could write stuff in cool fonts! OR, I could use the paintbrush tool and make all kinds of cool backgroundy stuff.  I don't know if that's just overdoing it or tasteful, or maybe I'm just too lazy.  Usually takes me a couple of Ambien to get that creative, and then by the time photoshop loads I'm sleeping on the couch.

This is mad photoshop skills.  There was a floor there.  I carefully magnetic lasso'd my body then didn't know what the heck to do with that, so I undid it, and then took the cloning tool and cloned blue background all around my lower legs and feet.  Then smeared the hell out of it all and voila!  A cheap pose on a blue background that was actually the background, and not something i could have actually made nicer by removing myself from the photo and giving the picture a cool backdrop, like a cool club... filled with cool people... amirite???!!!
Is this world void of color?  Why does everyone fucking look the same?  What kind of places do I hang out at?  Can't I just youtube that Enrique Iglesias song I heard on the radio back in 2010 and can't get out of my head, rather than go to a club hoping to 'maybe' but 'most likely' hear it there?  No one talks to me in clubs.  Probably because I have weird stuff written in my profile and i dress like a demented bird.  I do talk to people in stores and the other day a guy was standing in the water outside my house and started talking to me.  I wish people would wear more color, or I would find a place full of people who wore color and weren't just hanging out shopping.

I'm gonna do some old school photoshop background colorful awesomeness!



Skin: Mamboo Chic - Olivie (honey)
Hair: [kik] - Fine II (tea)
Top: Vive9 - Dakota Tied Up Tee (mustard)
Jacket: R.icielli - Misseiling Jacket (marine)
Jeans: Fab Pony - Chloe Jeans (pale blue)
Shoes: Leverocci - Mov Sock Blu
Jewelery: PD - Rumba Earring (grape)/Kosh - Sade Necklace & Ring
Eyeshadow: Boom - Renegade Princess Shadows (day-glo)


  1. I love that picture with you at a club and everyone is in black and you are vibrant! That is so true! Love it

  2. Isn't that true! LoL. Good to go against the grain once and a while right?