Friday, 9 March 2012

Post #7 Thunderstorm

I found this great place, and I took these pictures in the fall.  The sim reminded me of some place I had been to in my childhood.  Perhaps in British Columbia, I used to live there when I was a kid.  I started playing around with the light settings and this reminded me of late morning.  A late nice summer morning.
Then it felt like the clouds were coming in and the sunshine was being blocked by big black rainclouds.  Apparently I don't seem to care, I'd rather just pose, cuz you know, you can't really get hit by lightning in Second Life right?

Well somehow I missed the rainstorm as you can see my hair is still quite perfect in this shot, and by the looks of the lighting the storm seemed to have passed (or not happened at all since it was all just playing with sliders .. hehe).  Nonetheless.  I did feel really kind of serene here.  I guess the fact it took me back in time to somewhere nice, and thinking of what it smells like after a thunderstorm, the ozone and the rain in the grass.  It was a nice experience, and that's what it's all about baby.  I wish I could find this place again, you know, for when I need somewhere to go to chill out and pretend.

Sometimes I wish that Milk Motion would bring out all their old Fifty Linden Friday clothing they sold over time.  There were a really awesome pair of shorts like these in red that I missed out on during the summer!

<3 Anahata

Skin: Mamboo Chic - Olivie (honey)
Hair: Magika: Porcelain - Blonde pack
Top: Tulip - Morning Waits (green)
Bottoms: Milk Motion - My Cross Jeans (old FLF item but you can get uncrossed ones there)
Shoes: Fir & MNA - The Twine Shoes (yellow & white)

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