Thursday, 15 March 2012

Post #12 Cold Logic Mesh Goodies~!

Fricking awesome new top at Cold Logic.  I got the notecard today of a new release and I teleported in and the place was packed!  I had just bought these new boots by Ten"10 and I wanted something to go with them!  So I fell just in total love with this cute top and the color matched perfectly.  I even got a compliment from a random stranger telling me they loved the look.  She had on another new release, which I bought too and will get to later.  Anywho, picked up a few things, this is my fave, and it fits perfectly and looks really great.  I'm a size small.  Oh yah, I read on Seraphim that su.vida was closing, I had never heard of it before but everything was 10L so of course... I picked up this dreamcatcher arm tattoo.  They had those template jeans there so I didn't buy any clothes.  Just tats.
 Of course when I enable my maximum graphic options on Starburst or whatever it's called (oh Firestorm I mean)... Shit gets 'real' and I can't move or click stuff without serious lag.  So what I have been doing is setting up my pose, and then clicking on 'enable deathly shadows'.  Of course stuff starts fading in and out and it takes like 20 seconds for the picture to snap, AND I don't seem to have the habit of checking pix I've taken so I end up finishing up my pix, changing into something else, looking at my pictures, realizing my tattoo and undershirt were blurry and the only pix that had them clear my eyes are closed... oy!  Of course it's too late to go back, as I am not standing in the same spot, I forgot what my lighting was at, and I really don't care by this point.
Boots are awesome though!  I asked a girl at Collabor88 where she got them.  I had seen quite a few chicks wearing these boots.  I got the brown ones cuz everyone else had the black or white ones.
YOU NEED this top!!
The place I took pictures at was a really nice little coffee bar.  I was looking for a totally different place and ended up here by accident.  They had great music and lots of couches and chairs to hang out on.  It was empty but I'm sure they probably have some sort of action going on some time during the week.

The Pixel Bean Coffee House

I don't drink coffee!
<3 Anahta

Skin: Mynerva - Little Becky (old gift but they have great skins and great group gifts)
Hair: Shag - Pussy Galore (sunset)
Top:  Cold Logic- Castillo (peach)
Jeans: Tres Blah - JuJu Jeans (ripped)
Boots: Ten'10 - Megas Boots (brown)
Jewelry: The Sea Hole - Golden Lucite Bangles & Corsage Ring (vanilla) *past collabor88 item
             The Fashion Garret Summer 2011 Group Gift - Necklace
Lipstick: Medley - Glossy Lipstick (mauve)

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